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Flagstar Bank
Main address: Corporate Headquarters 48098 Troy MI
, , https://www.flagstar.com/customer-service/contact/ContactUs.html
  • 209 complaints
  • $470K claimed losses
  • $2.2K average
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  • Sep 04
  • Finances
  • Marshfield, Wisconsin
  • 49

These people are the biggest swindling crooks, absolutely should be shut down. We were offered a loan modification proposal 4 years ago and had notarized papers from our bank and attorney had a 3 month window in which we had to continually write in a circle *** of letter of hardship that was return mail to them under certified mail they kept saying they didn't receive it but yet they signed for... Read more

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  • Aug 11
  • Banks
  • Debt
  • 85

On March 10, 2011, I refinanced with another bank. My credit score still shows that I owe $202,284 to Flagstar. Thank God for Credit Karma. When it first showed up, I called. No action. Second call, no action. Now I am told, I have to contact Experian, Transunion Equifax! No offer to send me a letter to show it was paid off. ( I had to ask for that.) My grade F or lower. Do not use... Read more

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  • Jul 14
  • Government
  • Troy, Michigan
  • Mortgage And Banking
  • 2
  • 2
  • 221

Flagstar currently has 1028 complaints filed with the CFPB yet all they do is forward your complaint to the bank, take whatever BS the bank offers for a response and close their file. Not only is Flagstar a nightmare, the very same organizations established by the Federal Government to assist consumers with these morons is a failure too. This bank has been fined close to $400 million dollars in... Read more

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  • Jun 25
  • Banks
  • Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Monthly Payment
  • 29

The service is abysmal! We were in an agreement with them to pay over our monthly payment for 4 months in order to bring us current, and non of the payments are even listed on our statements. I will be seeking relief in the bank regulatory and compliance arenas. I've been pushed around for long enough by these incompetent fools. Read more

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  • Jun 19
  • Banks
  • Columbus, Nebraska
  • House Loan
  • 2
  • 2
  • 94

we ended up selling the house the payments where just to hi we paid the house off and now they say we still owe them. if anything they owe us they charged us for so many thing I don't even have a clue what they are they ruined our credit so now we can't even get a house now we don't now what to do .we told them that we couldn't afford more then 500$ a month and when they were done they were over... Read more

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  • Jun 13
  • Banks
  • Thousand Oaks, California
  • 15

I have a loan with you in my estatment I see $30 charge for no reason Read more

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  • Jun 11
  • Building Services
  • Bloomington, Minnesota
  • Storm Damage Roof And Siding
  • 69

FlagStar Bank and Mortgage Company has been sitting on my insurance check for over 6 months now and all of the repairs have been done for the storm damages to my home since September of 2013. I am thinking they have had plenty time to collect interest on my money and I have Contractors that need to be paid!!! I call and sit on hold before even getting to speak to a single person for up to 45... Read more

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  • Jun 04
  • Banks
  • Washburn, Missouri
  • Disgraceful Service
  • 21

Flag star bank employs and is managed by incompetent puppets Don't believe a word they say its all lies. Document everything because you will need it when you realize you have to file a complaint Don't do buisness with them if at all possible. Flag star bank is disgraceful. What a nightmare Don't walk..RUN from them Read more

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  • May 11
  • Banks
  • Portland, Michigan
  • Bank Service
  • 52

This bank is not even BBB accredited.. Gee I wonder why I was just reading several complaints about this bank for various reasons.. I have had very similar issues with this bank it has been a real nightmare.!!!!!!!!!no call backs wrong documents sent by them not retrieving payments from western union for two months refusing payments from western union. Consumers have to keep sending documents... Read more

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  • Jan 14
  • Banks
  • Property Damage Repair
  • 73

this bank got to be the worst in communication I believe the management have no clue to what's going on ,you leave messages for days and your message never get answered or returned. The service has to be the worst ever for a bank and I am very disappointed that they are allowed to call themselves a bank ??? on my next blog I will reveal the person name and extension number and you try... Read more

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