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I also went through the nightmare of submitting documentation monthly for a loan modification. After many months I was told my income was to high to qualify. When I received notice I was. being foreclosed on from an attorney(Brock and Scott) and asked questions I was told they could not answer my questions and referred me to flagstar. Flagstar said they couldn't answer question because the attorney was handling everything. My home was... Read more

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2013 of December, Dovenmuehle sold my mortgage to Flagstar without notification. In February 2014, I started receiving checks of the amount I paid Dovenmuehle, weird. I was handed a summons that Flagstar was basically going to take my home, that I never made payment to them. It would've been nice if I would've known my mortgage was sold. So i contacted an attorney in this matter, he was great. He found out I was getting embezzled, $150.00 from... Read more

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Asked about a property that was in there name it was a burnt down house that was there for 5 years they had no clue about any questions I had and was rude and pissed off that I would inquire about buying a property that I knew the owners had abandoned but yet after 9 months of trying to track down there misleading *** they sold it. Add comment

I lost my home in 2008. I resided in my home for 17yrs. I know it sounds crazy but i am still dealing with the lost. I never been in a foreclosure situation. I lost my job in 2006, were still making my monthly note at the end of 2007 flagstar increased my monthly note. I didn't see it coming. If it was small increased i probably would have not question it but considering the amount i needed an explanation. Flagstar explained to me that it was a... Read more

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This "bank" is chock full of ineptitude. After dealing with them for 7 years, I'm positive it must be a requirement for employment and advancement. If you manage to get in touch with someone who isn't inept, then they are rude. They make it difficult to get in touch with a live person. If you get a live person, they don't know anything - it's always handled by another department. But you aren't allowed to talk to people directly in that... Read more

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Constantly have a problem logging in to the online banking / mobile banking. Once again LOCKED OUT and need to see account. This is the only bank I have this issue with, I use the same phone and laptop. It would be great if they could get it fixed. Also to have a minimum word limit to complain is crazy. FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT Read more

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Hello all, My name is Mary and I'm sorry to hear about the kinds of things that Flagstar has done to you. It is horrible that you've been shamed out of money and opportunities. PLEASE CONSIDER JOINING US IN A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT. We are working with top-notch attorneys and credit folks to put together a class action lawsuit against Flagstar. You can be totally anonymous, and we will give you legal protection from retaliation. You could be... Read more

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I too had an issue keeping up with my payments as my mother was diagnosed with Lymphoma I was maybe 2 months behind but during this time my husband also lost his job. I tried to remodify my loan and i got the run around but I was persistent. Of course their version of remodifying is don't pay for three more months and start repaying them at the selected time they wanted you to. Still fine so i did and when it was time to re due the paper work... Read more

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Recently refinanced and Flag Star bought purchased the note. At close I funded 14 months in escrow (enough to pay tax and insurance). In my closing statement in writing my tax bill was supposed to be paid on 1 Feb. Flag Star did not pay the tax bill. When I called to inquire and ask them to pay, they said "NO" they would not pay it and should have been settled at close. No help, no assistance provided. Terrible service. I had to call my broker... Read more

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They have no idea how to take care of mortgage payments. I was told they did not want me to make extra payments because it would be confusing for then I made a month payment and they took 2 months payment. I went to my bank and they were in touch with flagstar. I always have my payments one month ahead. They returned my payment, but instead they took both payments out and charged me a late fee. Remember I said I was paid one month in... Read more

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