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Flagstar's loyalty program has changed three times since I started banking there! They used to match rates for me but now they say I'm not truly loyal so they refused to match a rate for me although they have a pledge on the wall that says they will.

They pick and choose who gets what and never adhere to what's written on their walls and in their brochures. With each manager I called I got a different explanation and when I tried to talk to the regional the darn lady refused to return my phone calls!

I closed all my accounts and I will never banck with such a greedy institution again!

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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Aron, I'm having the same issue with Flagstar (and I've been trying to get it resolved for three months. Now I'm about to file a formal complaint).

They are basically holding customers money in a credit-card pending status, and then charging them an OD fee as if the money isn't there. I talked to them for one-hour and 30 minutes about this very issue. When the debit card is used as a credit card purchase vs. a debit card purchase (when you put in your pin), the money is put in a holding status.

Then if you make a series of charges throughout that day, all of that money is pending, making is seem as though there's no money in your account. BUT when the charges actually come through, if the right amount has not been released off of the pending status, it can cause a domino effect of Overdraft Fees. I explained to them that this is different from the traditional credit cards, because those banks are actually lending us credit -- as opposed to our own money sitting in our checking account. I suggest that we all file formal complaints with the Office of Thrift Supervision ( to see if this is a fair banking practice.

Clearly, the money is in the account, but the banks are resequencing charges to optimize their OD fees. I'm hoping that more and more people will speak out about this. Truly, I like banking with Flagstar, but I refused to be taken advantage of without a fight.

No need to run to another bank, many of them are doing the same thing, maybe in a different manner. We just need to speak up and file formal complaints.


I am having issues with Flagstar now where they are charging me an overdraft fee even though the account does not show my account negative. I tried talking to them but they say it is becaus I have a debit pending, but I also had a credit pending from the same day but of course they are not going to count that.

They are a bunch of theives. I called the local branch and got a totally different story, they are saying the amount attempted to hit and they paid it and then they took it off then charged me the od fee, but if that was the case the debit would have caused the od not the od fee itself.

I am so POd about this. Just venting and thought any one thinking of going to Flagstar should think twice.


Do not ever open an account at flag star. They are so *** *** and slow.

Please do not use the option to pay people. It will take at least a month to arrive, even if it is going to the same bank but different account.


Jim are you sure what you are talking about? Because I do not see the conection? Customers look for the best rate possible, wich is the lowest rate possible! Even at the lowest rate Banks still make thousands of dollars or double the amount of the loan, at the lowest rate!

It is sad because they want to scweeze you more than that they are not satified with giving you a break and still can make huge profits! They don't realize when they cheat there customers more than what they should! One Badly treated Customer can really affect there Sales by thousands of future Customers, That is only one, it is also so Sad Because

on this blog I don't see one Customer

I see a very long list of people extreemly unhappy, there must be something wrong with there Customer service, Loan Dept or with there Loan Officers orcan be all three? Thank God wich is me by the way! Write your blog let me here what you have to say, Even Flagstar Employee's posing as happy Customers, let me here what you have to say, but remember, this Blog is a pissed off Blog that is what the title of the site is so if you say something like my payments are paid in a timely fasion & your loan officer was wonderfull, Customers will see right threw that, THIS IS A COMPLAINT BLOG! If Flagstar Bank wants to Boast about there Bank you have to come up with your own Site!



:) :) :) :) :)


Who isn't shopping for rates now days? You must be filthy rich is you aren't.

Flagstar bank is a joke! I know, I've been dealing with them over 4 yrs now. They make all kinds of mistakes and their loyalty program is just a gimmick to get you tied up with the bank so you will stay. I refuse to do it, but they have me in their loyalty program. Go figure. I sure can't.

They are just trying to keep customers because they are hurting. They are on the list of banks that could fail right now. So watch what is happening at Flagstar and keep your eyes on your accounts.

Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, United States #17289

I can tell you that if your loans payments jhave been kept current and your credit scores are what they should be that any bank will vie for your business, especially in these uncertain times. Sounds like the issue is an unstable personal financing one, not a bank problem.

Protem, Missouri, United States #12951

if you are only using the bank to get the highest rate, how can the bank make anything from the relationship? sounds like a rate shopper to me.

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