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Hello all,

My name is Mary and I'm sorry to hear about the kinds of things that Flagstar has done to you. It is horrible that you've been shamed out of money and opportunities.


We are working with top-notch attorneys and credit folks to put together a class action lawsuit against Flagstar.

You can be totally anonymous, and we will give you legal protection from retaliation.

You could be entitled to substantial monetary compensation,especially if you are one of the early people to join our lawsuit.

There is zero expenses to you, we will pick up all costs. And our skilled lawyers will work with you for FREE, to prepare your case.

Get the justice and the money you deserve.

Please send your email and phone to fightflag.mary@gmail.com, or call/text 415.494.6987.

Take care,


Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: File a Class Action Lawsuit.

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Flagstar is refusing to pay interest on impound accounts. They claim in my situation that they are working for Podium Mortgage and they don't have to. I have turned them in to all agencies, however the only conclusion is I am told to file a civil suit against them to force them to pay!


False Advertisement they do not help you keep your home!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they call 3 times a day every day, they representatives are very rude!

their help packages that i get on mail every day need to stop! STOP HARASSING and start HELPING!!!


Flagstar is literally raising my escrow without sending me proper documentation and they said they were doing a refinance for my lower rate and payment and all they did was a mitigation hardship took my equity that I had in my home and kept it. Now my payment is right back where it was and they are stating another bout of Escrow shortage.

I am wanting to sue them for bad practices and no proper documentation as for when I ask for it I get absolutely no where! Pissed beyond Pissed Consumer!!!


I'm not sure if I fit in this class action suit but someone please help direct to where I begin my mother is a widow of a veteran has a VA loan flagstar recently sold our home my mom and me still Ares in tbe some oneplease diirect the right way my name is Lisa wisdom my email is buffy28555@,Gmail.confidential


Hi I'm trying to see do I need to look into a lawsuit of my own because the pain n suffering I went through was worth way more then 12,000 dollars my kids n I were homeless for two n half years due to foreclosure


How do you get in a class action lawsuit with flagstar?


Is there a current lawsuit against Flagstar or is there any current information available?

to Kevin #1421919

Yes, there was. My sister just got a settlement letter in the mail today, Jan.

22, 2018. I don't know if there is a check inside or not. But, this seems to be the second check if that is what it is that she's received regarding overdraft fees settlement. Hopefully, you've received yours as well.

I don't know if I ever received any information, because I moved without getting my address forwarded. I wouldn't know how to contact anyone to find out if I received anything.

I guess, I could contact the USPS service. Anyways, good luck to you.

to The Fox #1426358

Your sister got another check too? I got one a year ago and just got another one.

It’s smaller. But wondering why I got two, a year apart.


I have yet to hear from anyone regarding this "class action lawsuit". I sent them many documents I had kept during my nightmare fight with Flagstar years ago!

Mary apparently passed the torch to Abir, who is not responding to my emails now.

I'm about to call the Attorny Generals office in California if this is a hoax. I'm so sick of negligence every where I turn.


I have sent all my court copies to Abir whom is one of Mary Peterson's accomplices on this Flagstar class-action case supposedly this went to courts in September, Abir texted me that at the end of September he would let me know any amounts that were awarded, now at this point the end of October beginning of November nobody has contacted me nobody answers any texts, phone numbers don't work anymore, voicemails are full can't leave any messages, feels as though they stole all my information about Flagstars Dual Tracking and other issues and I got screwed over again. I too have signed papers saying I too was involved in this case, like you folks, I have no other way of comprehending this then to say I am beginning to think I was screwed over again can't anybody seriously help us with this corporate B.S why is everybody getting monies off all our illegal misfortunes and we just keep getting *** over more!!!!!!

This is some serious mishandling of business at high corporate levels. Len Davis, Wisconsin

Des Moines, Washington, United States #1343814

I fought with Flagstar for over 2 years to modify my mortgage after loss of income. I was treat like lower class and told they couldn't help me unless my mortgage was late.

I the for set of papers they gave me 1 day to review them and was told I needed to send them back the next day with out complete review. They slid a silent 2nd in th paper work of about $28,000 I was unaware of until after signing the papers. I had to continue to send documents in over and over again. I would call to verify they received them and was either told it would be 24 hours before they knew if the documents were received or they would tell me no they weren't received.

After weeks of trying to work with them I finally asked if they were a real company. It was a nightmare and I ended up with a silent 2nd I wasn't aware of.

to Mary Parkinson Kittery, Maine, United States #1354520

That same thing happened to me!!!! They used my ex husband income and told me he would not be on the paper work and they slid a second of 73,000 and never told me!!!

to Anonymous #1433407

They never took my EXhusband off the note and never had him on the modification paper work so I was the only one to sign the paper work and he is still on it and they won't take him off knowing we have been divorced since 2011 and he is not giving me any money towards the house

to Mary Parkinson #1433405

I too had a second balloon payment of 78,000 and they never told me and I have 24hr to sign the paper work and get it in now I'm stuck because of the SILENT second!!!

Garden City, Kansas, United States #1314094

Is this another scam?

Jackson, Michigan, United States #1312567

hello my name is carlton & ruth ann rider and were class action members of the lawsuit members of the flagstar lawsuit and we are trying to find out what or if a final settlemern agreement has been reached and the final amount and when we might getamy amount please respond

Jackson, Michigan, United States #1312559

my name is carlton ej rider & Ruth ann rider and we are class action members of the class action lawsuit we are trying ao find out what is going on with the pending settlement that is pending no please let me kmow thank you

my name is littlewolf

to littlewolfman #1382642

Hi have you heard anything on this class action I'm in it too sent all my papers and haven't heard anything wondering if this was all a scam too. Haven't heard anything of what is going on. Had the same dual tracking from these crooks something has to be done !

South Point, Ohio, United States #1236010

I'm still waiting on a response from someone regarding this lawsuit I joined. I'm beginning to wonder if it's legate.

It's been months since I have heard from you. Flagstar bank needs to compensate all of us for what they have done! Surely there is a lawyer out there who can help!

I'm in the 5th year of damaged credit all because of their negligence! Gina Montroso -Perdue/gmontroso@yahoo.com

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