Asheboro, North Carolina
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We. Are due to close on a property flag star has up for auction.

The sale is 1 hour prior to our closing on the same day. I cannot get them to postpone the sale. So basically they don't want full payoff of their previous loan. They would rather take 1/3 of the sale in auction.

What a joke. But just wait our goverment will give them a bailout. What kind of thinking do they have.

We even have asked them to see if we can send them verification of sale. Nope its like calling a ( call center in a foreign country) noone wants to make a decission they just transfer you to another person.

Monetary Loss: $50000.

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my closing papers for Flagstar all messed up the mortgage says Flagstar and the note says JMC mortgage two separate entities. so who do I pay?

it's nuts and both of these companies will probably receive the bailout... and Ill lose my home as well

to Carloyn2244 Fremont, California, United States #1143354

I hope everything worked out for you and you were able to keep your home.

If not, please email me at or call 650.283.3093 to inquire about joining a current class action lawsuit against Flagstar.

We will pay all of the costs and fight for you. More people need to stand up to Flagstar!


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