Auburn, Indiana

I am an insurance agent. We deal with banks every day.

I have NEVER posted anything about a bank before. We have a client that insures her home with one of our insurance companies. The billing for the policy is sent to the bank and paid from escrow. The town where our joint customer lives renumbered the houses and streets last year.

We corrected the insurance policy and the correct bill was sent to the bank. FLAG STAR BANK. I spent about two hours on the phone, 90% on hold, and tried to help the bank realize they had the wrong street number on the property address. That was an impossibility.

Not comprehensible to them. They demand we send them a bill showing the wrong street number. I told them it's not going to happen and they need to change. They have no word in their vocabulary that they can understand that they need to change.

Finally told the second or lthird or forth CSR that I really did not care any more since it was impossible to correct them. Simply told them if they could pay the premium the policy would cancel in about 5 days. They then reiterated they needed the billing for THEIR supposed correct street address.

Hung up. Called the Homeowner/policyowner and said there was nothing I could do because her bank lacked the intelligence of a snail

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