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When we refi with Flagstar, I talked with the title co. to make sure they had everything and they said they did.

Then afterwards Flagstar sends me letters stating we did not have Flood Insurance when we did, I sent them the proof, nothing was done, they purchases another one took out of my escrow. My son was having brain surgery at the time. Then they only pay 1 of 3 tax payments. now my payments have gone up to cover the negative escrow and all is not paid.

Again. now they are saying my insurance is not enough. I am so tired of this and my loan agency has closed and cannot get anyone to do their job.

This is not the only company to screw us on these problems. So tell me who is supposed to be on our side when companies take advantage of their customers and steal their money because they don't want to do their jobs properly.

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Rachel please listen to me, "flag Shaft bank," will not do a thing to help you, there only answer is what they will do to you if you don't comply, if they want to charge you again for extra insurance they will and there is nothing you can do about it, believe me, and if you can prove your point, then be prepared for one thousand telephone calls that they pass on and on and on with no results sooner or later it will get straightend out but they were you down into the ground that makes you ever so sorry you picked them as you provider! Good Luck Rachel?

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