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I have had a terrible experience with Flagstar. It took three tries to get a modification from them and only when the third party company took over the modification process did my modification get approved.

This experience had irreparably damaged my credit and I want to be compensated for the 1 year average time it took them to process my modification packages. When I first got my loan the servicing company told me that i would get a 4% rate and refused to give me my truth in lending statement until the day before closing when they try to force me into an arm with a high interest rate. I walked away but the seller paid to buy down my rate from 6% arm to a 5% fixed. This was the beginning of my bad loan experience.

Then when I found out that my VA foreclosure needed a lot more structural work than anticipated, Flagstar lied to me and told me that there were no programs available to me for assistance.

It was a consumer organization that I saw on a commercial that let me know about the HARP and HAMP programs. The make so many mistakes and are so unethical that I know another class action lawsuit will be successful.

Product or Service Mentioned: Flagstar Bank Loan Modification.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $100000.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

I didn't like: Unethical mortgage handeling, As many of their customers.

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Please i also need help with this so called company I have called 4 attorneys and no one will help me ..

Fulton, Illinois, United States #1288930

Hi I'm in a legitimate class action Federal suit against these inept crooks for their dual tracking schemes if you would like to join please leave a contact number you will be contacted this is real. I sent you this comment on 2/15/2017

to Anonymous #1491937

Yes I recently have been involved with flagstar please help me I want to file a complaint my mother is a widow of veteran he served our country and they have no respect for our service members she is the widow they sold out home in a middle of a modification and know they are trying to hide that there is escrow mo ey please if you could tell what I can do I want to sue this company

West Frankfort, Illinois, United States #1278823

how hard is it to say yes you got your loan? well actutly they did say congratulations your loan is approved with conditions to me that means i got my loan but to them it doesn't.

after saying that in we went ahead and put a contract on a home now or loan officer says we jumped the gun. he was suppose to call me today but like always never does

they or going to play around and make us lose this house and i will not be a happy camper that much i can tell you. i see why they have so many law suits against them.i am thinking about joining one as well.

keep telling me i on property in Tax. when i don't and the house next door to me to which i would have it burned to the ground if i owned it
to Anonymous #1564535

Hi, please email me about the class action lawsuit. My email is

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