Auburn, Indiana

My husband and I have had our mortgage through Flagstar for 2 yrs. now. They have messed up our escrow also. Even though I have went to the court house to get copies of our taxes, and faxed them three times (they say they still haven't recieved them).

Flagstar bumped our mortgage up to cover escrow by over $200.00/MO. We are know paying over $800/mo. on a $58,000 home! How rediculous!

I have made several attempts with them to find a way to help us, they just keep telling me I have to wait until we get our house re-appraised and the taxes get refiled next year. This is maddening and breaking the bank!

Product or Service Mentioned: Flagstar Bank Mortgage.

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Try the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. They deal with fraudulent and bad faith business practices. Worked for us, in just 10 days.


Heather you hear the same stuff over and over again with this bank names are different but the storey is always the same, I wonder if they even have a High School Diploma all there doing is adding and subtracting but i guess it is like pulling teeth they make the mistake and it is up to you to fix it and call them you do and how $tupid there customer care service is, its like talking to nNitwits! Please call the BBB and lodge your complaint about this matter if more customers do this maybe they will then listen.


I'm in the same boat! They jacked up my fixed rate $400.00 a month to cover the negative escrow...meanwhile I got a check refund from a title compnay that my taxes were paid the neighboring county!!! I still can't get this straightened out.


Flagstar is saying they paid my taxes and shouldn't have and have a collection company after me. funny thing about it the amount in question is from 2004????/


We are having the same issue with them. I found out today that they never bothered to pay my home owners insurance and I have had no coverage for a year, and they bumped my escrow b/c they said they did not have enough money to cover taxes and insurance even though they not only did not pay our insurance but they did not pay our property taxes and we had fines levied on us that we had to pay out of pocket.


Same thing to me bump me up 400 a month on a 100000 dollar house 1480 their sick i cant afford that i wonder why people are losing there houses

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