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In 2009 my husband and i were both working,i got sick and the doctor's put me out of work from 1/5/2009 to 11/05/2009.We struggled to pay our bills but could not keep up with our mortgage. I started dealing with loss mitigation in 2009.

I send everything they want and they still want more. I am employed and so is my husband they will not let me start paying the note on the house i am told every 30 days to send in check stubs, bank statements etc. well this has been going own a long time and then they turn it over to a lawyer who runs an add in our local paper for forclosure sell. We are being told we are in review, then we have seen it advertised in our local paper for foreclosure sale.

My husband and i are distraught, we just want to pay for the home. I am raising my grand daughter and we do not no if we are going to have a home or not. I sent in what was requested now they say i did not send in information and they can't help me. We cannot continue being tormented about our home.

This was my family's home place. Please if anyone can advise or recommend anything for us to do.

Product or Service Mentioned: Flagstar Bank Mortgage.

Monetary Loss: $77.

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Poestenkill, New York, United States #219489

Break the locks and get back on your property what they did is not legal, put new locks again and stay on your property and fight. go threw the legal system and fight it all the way, if you are smart enough use preditory banking violations, they did not comunicate what they were going to do and kept you in the dark start with that, read all responces on this site but remember there are some cooks but there are a lot of good customers there were wronged hopefully they will also fight for there rights in numbers you are strong, read all on this site information is power, that is what you will need to fight this "Bean Bag Of A SO Called Bank" or ("FlagShaft It Is Also Called") Fight, Fight & Fight! Don't let up and lay Down!


this just happened to us. Waited a year for an offer (cash) to get approved on a short sale with Flagstar.

Thru the summer they said they had to start over 3 x's because they were reconstructing their company. Finally this fall it was up for auction. mind you we have been sending in letters, bank statements, bills, pay stubs etc. We get the "auction to stop in august" we are now in review.

every week they say keep updating your info its still in review and keep calling back. I called before thanksgiving and they said o we sold it to another company...wait i think an eviction letter has been mailed. all of a sudden we are disconnected. I have emailed, called, left messages...I cant get anyone to return calls or there are people in the house.

I check our assessor website and flagstar bought the house back thru a sheriff sale oct 20th hmmmmm but i kept being told its in eviction letter....they changed the locks and now theres furniture in there that I cant get out. I will neverrrrrr do business w flagstar

Poestenkill, New York, United States #210222

Why are not customers contacting the News Media?

Poestenkill, New York, United States #210218

Mitigation is worthless they have no intention of helping. Employees don't even know if there going to have a job tomorrow it seems to me that they want them to go bankrupt knowing there being laid off, down sized or fired, in other words there under mining there institution, forget Tarp Money you will never see it, thats theres now V.I.Ps and up.

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