These people are a bunch of ***. The only service they provide is to screw over people.

Due to a mix up, our insurance payment was late. They tried to charge us $5000.00 to cover the insurance. This is nothing short of criminal fraud. It is instutions like this that need to be put out of business.

I would urge people to avoid this company at all cost. It is companies like this that are giving legimate compaines a bad name.

We need to identify the indiviuals responsible for these policies and put them out of business. This company is a total rip off.

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Fremont, California, United States #1143357

Please email me at fightflag.mary@gmail.com or call 650.283.3093 to inquire about joining a current class action lawsuit against Flagstar.

We will pay all of the costs and fight for you. More people need to stand up to Flagstar!


Naples, Florida, United States #621094

WHO mixed up? YOU or them? If YOU messed up, YOU are to blame.

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