Jackson, Michigan
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I have been trying to get Flagstar to help with my ajustable rate mortgage that will reset early 2009. I was told they could not freeze the rate because I was not in a subprime loan.

So I asked if I could do a streamline refinance, I qualified except you can not do a streamline refinance in a declining market. Where in the U.S. is the housing market not declining? Thanks for you help Flagstar, I'm sure when I have to walk away from my home it will sell for much less than the balance of my loan.

If they would refi or freeze the loan, they could get much more of the balance. Soon Michigan will be nothing but empty homes owned by banks that can not sell them.

And who will have any money to put into the bank. Thanks again Flagstar

Product or Service Mentioned: Flagstar Bank Mortgage.

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Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #3213

hi there, that is incorrect information.

If you are in Mi. I can streamilne you in a declining market.

please feel free to email me


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