Fresno, California

I too want to complain about Flagstar Bank. Flagstar Bank contacted me, by phone, to help me reduce my home payment. The person, a woman, stated "this is not a collection call". She then explained the call was to advise me of help available to help reduce my mortgage and/or payment.

I have called, emailed,mailed many times in the past 10 months. I have submitted the paperwork they requested more than once. I faxed the paperwork, and send it by registered mail. I have had an "interview" over the phone. About 3 weeks ago, I called to ask what my loan modification status was. They advised me the the representativee, a Mrs. Baker, had sent the reqesut to FreddieMac for approval.

Yesterday in the mail, I received from Flagstar Bank:

1) Two copies of a letter advising my mortgage is in default, and that it must be cured.

2) A letter of a zipcode change I requested.

3) My monthly loan statement from Flagstar Bank.

4)THIS ONE I COULD NOT BELIEVE: 2 copies of the Freddie Mac "Helping You Stay In Your Home" information. Here is what the first paragraph says:

Dear Frank Bonilla,

As your mortgage servicer, we want to help you stay in your home. We want you to know there is a program available that may help you. If you qualify under the federal government's Home Affordable Modification program and comply with the terms of the Home Affordable Modification Program Trial Period Plan, we will modify your mortgage loan and you can avoid foreclosure.

This is almost impossible to believe. What have I been doing for the past 10 months? Flagstar Bank makes it seems as if I have never contacted them, or as if they have never offered me help.

To make things worse, I also contacted Freddie Mac sevral months ago, by registered mail, with no response by them.

I am asking for help in any way. If I don't qualfy for a modification, I would like a loan refinance.

Here's what Flagstar Bank says about not qualifying, on the "Helping You Stay In Your Home" letter:

If you do not qualify for a loan modification, we will work with you to explore other options available to help you keep youe home or ease your transition to a new home.

This has been worse than a nightmare. Flagstar Bank is like a curse. I feel now like my only options to too hire a lawyer. Do I need to try and contact Mr. Obama too?

Product or Service Mentioned: Flagstar Bank Loan Modification.

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To: Lawsuit Pending

Please post your attorney name, etc. I have a lawsuit but no lawyer.




Make sure you make a Main comment, this comment that you posted is only to this one person on this single complaint. You will find that Flagstar does what ever they want, they absolutely will not work with you! You will find that a lot of customers do not stick together, Im not saying you can't make it happin but the road is narrow, customers complain to the BBB, The Attorney General, The State Senator, and "Best to complain to is your Local Media & Major Media" they seem to work the hardest for you, I would say they have more compassion to want to help" Good Luck A Friend!


have known for sometime had a case against flagstar over their foreclosure process...documented, hard copies and looking for those consumers served papers in haste, especially those where vp signed said "had read it, ect...and UNSIGNED by that vp officer and NOTIRISED by someone in another state HIS unsigned place on the forms....HIGHLY ILLEGAL TO DO. Thinking that others this happen to, too.

I too went thru their gross mishandling of it all...the total run around, documents sent on time, the whole nine yards, even talked directly by accident to head of the foreclosure dept...have her statement of "we have so many foreclosures...and thats how its done"....well, If any of this fits you....or your a hacked off ex-employee with flagstar (foreclosure dept, ect...) we might be able to recover some of our lost. my case its some serious bucks...your too perhaps. partcularly looking for those that fits this previously described method. they lost absolutly nothing in my case....even made money off me in their process.

I truly am not the smartest guy on the block...and will go it alone, but think if we linked up in our individual states...we could help each other out to verify the pattern/haste/misinformation/abuse that flagstar committed on us.

hacked off texan. (will check back this website in a few days)


"flagSHAFT EMPLOYEES" are not "IDIOTS" they do not want to help that is it, simple you must get it by now, if they could make land fall profit on you then they would help in other words 300 percent profit on your money or you will get no-help, these are there numbers to help you, you borrow $100,000. you pay $400,000.

plus fee's, fee's and more fee's, you then will get all the help you need, but they must atleast make $300,000. plus fee's to help you, in other words your cry for help will go on deaf ears.


They key word is *** They are idiots. Lets not get started on the management and the so called executives.


Mrs. Baker is the wrong person for help she is the Devil!

She will never admit to receiving anything! Registered-mail by signing, E-mail with confermation number, Telephone call and forget regular mail! forget faxes, she never receives anything!!! She will only return your call to tell you why are you calling her?

She play's STUPIP very well in other words she does not admit to anything, the "DEVIL" is very SMART, I am sure she doe's that to were you down, Admit to receiving nothing that is her tool! Good luck poor "flagSHAFT bank" customer.


Class Action Information Center, one voice can become many when you are part of a class action Lawsuit people seek justice in class Action Lawsuits when their losses have been caused,


To: Linda & Will did you not get the names of person's involled, first & last names also extension numbers, you must have this to continue on with a class action suit, and to Will especialy, I CAN NOT BELIEVE YOU WOULD NOT FITE TOOTH AND NAIL AFTER LOOSING YOUR HOME! Call a lawyer get a class action suit groop together, include a law suit against person or persons besides Flagstar Bank, You have two law suits not just one, and keep on the phone with the BBB & the Attorney Office, DON'T JUST SIT ON YOUR HANDS & GO WITHOUT A FITE! "PLEASE"!


We just went through trying to get a loan through Flagstar two appraisals and 700 later there is no loan after we were promised by 1s metropoliatan mortgage we would get one they cannot even call you and let you know that you were turned down they just let you sit there and wounder what happened if you are lucky they may send you and e-mail and let you know you were turned down. They promise to call you and never do


We had the same problem with Flagstar. We called before we got too behind and they told us they wouldn't help us unless we defaulted.

*** advice, but we did. Then we fax (three times, I think) and emailed all requested paperwork. We left dozens of phone calls. In the end, we lost our home.

They contacted us after the home was sold to someone else to ask if they could help us somehow keep our mortgage. What ***

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