Wyandotte, Michigan

Flagstar Bank 3wks. after forclosing on our house changed the locks on all the door's with our stuff still in the home;I have legal documentation,my kids legal docm.,and we never got a judge or letter of possession.

We call their Troy HQ, they had no clue that the Southgate branch office did this. Legally we had 6 mth. to get all of our things out. They wouldn't even work with us when we were behide.

When told them the doors were lock; first they blamed hud,then branch office.

pick one to blame. *** people!

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Poestenkill, New York, United States #220260

If they don't Know Who Changed Locks, change them get a Dog!


They know what they did! All of a sudden they don't know who changed the locks, that is the "*** Game They Play On There Customers"!

You have the right to breack the locks and get back in your home what they did was not Legal, no matter what papers they had, It is what is called as "THE HOKIS POKIS YOUR OUT" Remember what they did is not "Legal" that is how come they tell you they do not know who did it, they don't want you to have the department or person for Legal Action, That is how come they play "Dum"! Do not let them get away with this! Break the "Door Down" and get back on your Property, Do not let them do the "Hokis Pokis on you again!

Untill you sign a Release Is The Only Time They Can Put Locks ON Bank owned Property! Now let them Drag you out of "YOUR PROPERTY" Now they will loose, There are customers that are in there home 1 to 2 years Before a court order orders them out, THAT IS YOUR RIGHT, THAT IS YOUR LEGAL RIGHTS!!!

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