Fresno, California
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A pipe burst and flooded our home. All the floors had to be removed. Our insurance carrier sent us a $11,000 check to make repairs. Check was made payable to us and Flagstar as the mortgagee.

Flagstar told us to endorse the check and send them 7 items, which we did, and Flagstar would send back the money to pay the contractor. They deposited the check and never sent the funds.

We have been out of our home for over 30 days, contactors demaning payment to finish the work and we don't have $11,000 to pay them until we get our insurance proceeds we sent

Flagstar. When we call they tell us the check was mailed and gave us a U S POSTAL TRACKING #. The post office did not have a record of it. After several weeks I called the Postal Inspector and provided them with the information. The next day Flagstar mailed 1/2 the money and said I would get the remainder later!

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First let me say I am sorry. That will not help, I know.

Banks are corrupt! Regions did the same to us Christmas. I learned this last year when a payday loan, Ace pay loan, slipped money by wire into our account. We never noticed until every two weeks 300.00 was stolen from our account.

We filed a police report, spoke with the bank manager who said "well you use it meaning the money"!

This fradulant company has a 73% on their loan. It's time to make banks obsolete. They held on to my Christmas money. I fought I did not win.

Now it is on T.v. about this company.

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