Washington, District Of Columbia

Everyone here, whether you are still fighting with Flagstar to save your home or already lost it, needs to file a complaint with consumerfinance.gov today! Flagstar and others may tell you they are a private lender and do not have to help you, but they are regulated by the federal government because they are a bank!

Just the fact that they took applications from most of us for the Making Home Affordable program, which they never told any of us they don't even participate in, constitutes fraud.

File a complaint and do it today! The more of us that file complaints against this company, the more likely it will be these practices will stop or they'll do what they should do: refinance our loans!


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Yes Flagstar cheated me out of my home to.


i am on my 3rd time trying to do a mod with this bank the first time i took out a laon to pay off the 2nd time they closed my case due to what they say was not sending in docs in a timly fashion so here we go again on number 3 i could careless what happens now it is just about fighting with them each time i call

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