Was told by Flagstar that I was meeting criteria to have a loan modification on my home mortgage. I had received numerous packets of paperwork to have notarized by a notary, my personal bank notarized these as well as being overseen by my attorney.

These same packets were mailed to me on three different occassions and returned certified mail. They kept insisting they didn't receive them but at the same time they signed to accept them. I had a time frame where payments had to be there on time for three months and they would refinance. Everything was going good direct payment from my account on file at my bank they withdrew everything on time, well the third and final month rolled around they already withdrew my paayment from my savings directly from my bank, and they had the ruthless audacity to say they never received my payment so thay were forclosing but then yet my bank and my attorney had thier records that they had received everything in their "package" on time.

My attorney and my banker said just let them take your house they're circle jerks it's their game and the feds just bail them out anyway they could careless about you and your family and any kind of an "american dream" and to them their only loan modification or help is to put money in their own pocket. My wife or I our anybody we know have any further use for this useless bank the goverment needs to shut them down that would be the greatest help for their so-called loan modications.

Totally useless banking institution. Don't give them an opportunity for any of your business.

Product or Service Mentioned: Flagstar Bank Loan Modification.

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