Southfield, Michigan

Has anyone else had flagstar bank charge for a paper statement being mailed out even though you signed up for a paperless statement and when you go to tell them to reverse the charge they do but then they recharge it again. has anyone else experienced it?

If so, please email me at

Also, has anyone had flagstar overdraft their debit card when you had the right amount of money in your account but flagstar used all the more expensive debits out of order to create the overdraft?

email to let me know. I am interested to find out.

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Do not fear. There is a glitch in their system causing the fee to continue being processed after the customer has signed up for online statements.

As with all large things, sometimes it's not completely smooth.

If you call your branch, like I did, I'm sure they will be willing to work with you in getting any undue fees waived and back on the right track.

Also, to the original poster - most banks process payments in customers accounts this way. It's in an effort to protect your higher dollar payments from clearing before meaningless nickel and dime transactions.


These customer experiences scare me!

I just applied for an express checking account and now I fear for my financial well being!

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