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I worked at Flagstar Bank for two and a half years providing excellent quality service to all the customers.

My experience as an employee and customer was malicious and horrific putting my family and myself in extreme danger. I will gladly list the violations one right after another: I was disciplined and yelled at for reversing fees and giving people back their own money.

From the beginning my boss and my coworkers tried to pimp me out to ugliest investments guy that worked in the Lansing area stating that was the only reason that i was hired for. I never touched him. He creeped me out everytime he came to the branch that used to be inside Walmart. My boss stated in order to have this job at Flagstar i was forced against my will to have a checking account that they issued checks to another co-worker who is my neighbor.

This co-worker wrote checks off my account spending my first couple paychecks WITHOUT my knowledge or permission. I was never compensated or paid back. This person should be in prison. I was written up for attending jury duty and yelled at for not coming to work instead.

I forced to work at this bank by myself all day long on four different occasions. The flagstar branch was robbed as i was walking in and the robber got a good look at me when i did not get a good look at him. This was placed on Lansing Townships crime stoppers spring of 2010 website. I was fired a month later with no reason given.

A group picture of us that i did NOT want used unless i was compensated for. I was never paid for my special appearance for flagstar banks advertising on their website to generate sales and profits off my picture. Yet i still to this day have not received one cent. Im still waiting for my check.

I am not for being exploited and victimized by flagstar bank. The picture with me in it was on flagstars bank website for 2-3 years being used for the banks advertising. This bank owes me a lot of money!!!!!!

I am not for free when it comes to advertising. I want a check flagstar bank your bills are past due.

Product or Service Mentioned: Flagstar Bank Checking Account.

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