Indianapolis, Indiana

Flagstar bank is like a co-op. if you run out of money in your checking acccount you can still withdraw money, except it comes out othe customers checking account, isn't that wonderful ?

thats what happened to me, in Tennessee branch, my money kept disappearing, and come to find out, the bank tells me that some one else in the same bank has been accidently given access to my account.

That is not a mistake a bank can afford, and I will not give a second chance to such a bank.

Flagstar is nothing but a clown bank. Flagstar does not exist in my financial vocabulary!

Product or Service Mentioned: Flagstar Bank Checking Account.

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So you really have no idea about Flagstar Bank do you? Flagstar bank doen't work out of Tennessee ***!! Is inbreed in your vocabulary

London, England, United Kingdom #22685

Who's the clown? Flagstar has branches in Michigan, Indiana and Georgia.

Note that Tennessee is NOT on that list. Either you don't even know what bank you're talking about, or the entire story is a fabrication.


London, England, United Kingdom #22233

This makes no sense, Flagstar does not operate bank branches in Tennessee

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