Frenchtown Township, Michigan
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Okay 1st off I hope someone really reads these complaints. This is a COMPLAINT aboutThe Branch in Monroe Mi on Tekegraph road.

At like 9:06 am Today(Monday)I was at the drive thru to make a deposit. Sat for 3 - 4 min no one came to the window. Odd. No sign to say they were closed or no one came at all.

Sooooo I parked to walk into a lobby of nobody . A branch manager in her office . 'getting ready to leave for some meeting' . Stood for about 2 2half min before the 'teller' says it will be a minute.

Wile she proceeds to sort papers it looked like. ...... Waiting........very patient. All I wanted to do was DEPOSIT!!

Really? Anyway as I waited I proceed to the office of the Branch manager that apparently couldn't help me she was sitting putting on some makeup..... Whatever but I said can I make a quick deposit???? 'I don't have keys' getting ready to leave...

Oh really? Okay. Soooooo waited more and another' teller' came out and shes like I can help u. Didn't seem in too much of a rush to help but she did and I was able to finally make my deposit.

Prob bout 8-11 minutes MORE!! Lady sorting papers, branch manager, 3rd person unbelievable!!!!!! I just don't see why people do their banking here at this bank . I am not treated like I feel I should be when u entethusly building.


I work for my money, have it deposited, into your bank and I don't feel like them ladies even care. Seriousll!!By the way..

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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