Venice, Florida

After sending payments for my so called "trial period" for the Modification Agreement for 16 months...asking when they were going to finalize it, they finally putting my payments right back up where they were to begin with. So, I hired an attorney & a Realtor, I now have a buyer on a short sale, who has been waiting for an answer for 2 months now.

2 days ago I was served with foreclosure papers & through them, found out my last 12 months of payments (Jan 2010 - Dec 2010) they never even credited me for. At this point, I don't care anymore. If they don't accept the buyers offer...they can have it...but not before I totally gut the place....Fridge, stove, beautiful kitchen sink, practically brand new spare bathroom tub, vanity, medicine cabinet, pantry....anything I can unbolt.

THEN...they can make even less & a bankruptcy will be on my record. They are BAD BAD BAD

Product or Service Mentioned: Flagstar Bank Mortgage.

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What state are you in?


I am emotionally and financially exhausted from dealing with Flagstar for the past 3 years. Loan Modification is a joke for them, and all other banks.

Its a game, and eventually like any other bank products a scam. I too said Enough!! I too am filing bankrupsty, mainly to get from under Flagstar. I too hired an attorney, have moved out and am ready to hand over the keys.

After 3 years of fighting for my home, without any positive assistance, No more, and I will not sell my home so they can have it all anyway, they can sell it. I am moving out and on with my life.

I will buy a much better home for a lot less in years to come. I have a better chance at recovering from Bankrupsty than getting anything reduced at Flagstar or any other bank for that matter.


During your trial period were you still receiving monthly mortgage statements? Did you open them?

How long did it take you to ask for the modification?

by chance were you past due at that time? if so was it more than 3 months....

Collect your proof of payments for the past 16 months have them apply it towards your Past Due payments then ask for a Reinstatement Letter...They must give you the amount within 7 business day per law.

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