Aurora, Colorado
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Flagstar called us and said we were late on our payment July 1st/2011. We got copies front and back of our checks and faxed to the number we were told to.

Told John if did not get the fax to call us and make sure we did not show up as late and effect our credit scores. Later in July still did not received a statement for Aug payment. Called and a man hung up on four times and would not give his name. Finally got a nice lady who understood my fustrations and said they still have not corrected our account and a late fee.

Now showing we are 30 days late with a late fee. Can not get a hold of any one who can help me. Now my credit is shot and still no statement to pay Aug. What a fraud company.

Why does this happen, they should be glad we pay and on time.

now my credit is screwed up!!!!!!!!! I will be happy to sighn any class action suit againt Flagstar bank.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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Cannot get a refund mortgage check from Flagstar Bank. I am told that the accounting department does not take calls but a check has been requested.

It has been a month.

Flagstar tells me that my current mortgage lender may report me to credit bureaus but I can dispute this. Why can't they just refund my money?!!


There are three you have to worry about that make you credit worthy, as long as you contact all "Three Agency's" and tell them this is "Under Dispute and Review" with your lender your "Credit is Restored In Full" 100% percent until the "DAMAGE THEY HAVE CAUSED YOU IS REPAIRED OR CORRECTED"! "Remember It Is up To You To Call Each Agency and Put In A Dispute" if you don't do this "flagSHAFT bank WILL NOT"!

Again this is up to you to do all the work, and all I can do is feel for you. I know this is true because they have done the same to me and what I have found out on my own is that they treat there customers like "Trash" and don't believe anything you say, your always wrong, What a bank.


You are s$crewed, it is going to take a "Thousand & one Calls or more to straten out the mess you are now in. You have to fix this mess they got you in because there not going to help you period. Is it not funny they s$crew up and you have to fix it what a Bean Bag Of A Bank, don't forget you have to call all Three Credit Agency's, God only knows how long this will take because "flagSHAFT bank" has to work with you to fix the jam they got you in, this will take months and you have to do this because they will not help do this unless you do all the work, that is how come so many customers dislike this bank.

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