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I made application for loss modification last year in March, sent in papers every month made numerous calls and at the end just 2 weeks ago got a print out with all back fees and taxes and costs and the same loan, with a lot of fees and same debt did not even follow the make home affordable plan or reduce amount owed, interest or payment. I find the whole Obama administration is a lie, they don't do anything for the struggling homeowner and everything is false, in fact they never intended to spend any money or time on the people of the United States that are having problems. I don't believe them anymore at all.



Product or Service Mentioned: Flagstar Bank Mortgage.

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Don't you understand "flagSHAFT bank" has the the power to grant you the loan, it is not the Oboma Grant package, if "flagSHAFT bank" want's to grant you a reduced loan they will grant it under the Obama grant program, but they will not help you in anyway that means less interest for there Bean-Bag loan Officers that get there 1 or 2 dollar perks for adding fees, fees, fees, on to your loan, don't you read the horror stories on the site! There other reply to you is the banks are in the business of making money not helping you to save your home or reducing your loan period!

but they don't tell you about the triple A-junk bonds that they sold to foren contries, that they refuse to pay-back, real face value was class D or lower, in other words they commited Fraud but that is o.k. You must read all blogs on this site to understand, there are customers that are just plain idiots but just pass those and see the honest customers trying to get a break but do not!

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