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Flagstar bank needs to be sued. Does anyone know of any lawfirm that is in a lawsuit with Flagstar bank?

Flagstar bank a fraudulent and foreclosing on thousands of home owners. In the State of Washington there are thousands of foreclosed homes being forclosed and the bank is just letting the homes rott.

Flagstar is foreclosing on homes just to collect the insurance money. IF anyone knows of a lawsuit in the state of Washington please post the name of the lawfirm on the web.Write your local attorney general and complain about Flagstar bank and lets start a class action lawsuit.

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our small business had a business line of credit with wells fargo for 12 years--for no reason or fault of ours it was closed--supposedly transfered to flagstar bank--who after 2 months still say they don't have enough information to allow me--the one who has this mystical account to acces MY OWN CLUCKING ACCOUNT INFORMATION!! this isn't a joke- it is criminal and I am going to seek and find and act until I am compensated for my business lossed due to being denied access to my business line of credit--by the way-- I kept a balance of big money and paid it to zero every two months or so- wells fargo closed the account when it has a zero balance--my credit score is 810--it is criminal


Does anyone know the name of this firm Abir and Mary Peterson work for? I believe it's in California..

I would like to confirm if this is a legit class action suit I'm in.

If I've been scammed I'm contacting the necessary agencies!

to Ginam #1390566

They are from Palo Alto California, I think we were scammed I'm in this lawsuit too with this Abir and Mary Peterson supposedly this went to court. I had called Abir sent him all my court papers and Flagstar papers, this went to court in August, he replied he was going to let me know in september any amounts of settlement, never heard anything back from him doesn't answer his phone or reply to any text messages, any more the so called Mary Peterson I have two numbers for one of them is no longer in service the other one some lady answers you say Mary and she hangs up right away no reply, or answers and acts dumb, I think this is a high falooting scam to get rich off our misfortune of being screwed by a crooked bank and now them.Please let me know what you find out I will contact agencies along with you and provide whatever info they need to prosecute these crooks!!!

Sick of getting messed over by crooked greedy people!!!!!!.


They took my home and destroys my husbands and family. And I tried and tried. And also those attornies that took my money claiming to help me and at The end of the day said oh I'm sorry we can't do anything.

Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States #1112937

When Flagstar went to service my delinquent loan I had $18,000 and equity and I was only eight thousand behind which was questionable in and of itself. They used the full $18,000 by the end if bringing the loan current and when I ask them for a breakdown of what all the money was allocated for they replyed "we are not allowed to disclose that to you".

"You can't tell me what you spent MY money on", I replied. This is just the beginning of how Flagstar hosed me...


Flagstar lost a suit against them, the awarded people 133$ million on a class action suit.....check with CFPB consumer finance protection bureau and see if you can do anything about it. I am going to see if I can also get the house back, free and clear. I will keep you posted.

to Anonymous #1420178

Lots of luck with that one! The CFPB kept most of the money for themselves, gave about one third to Fannie Mae to cover investors (I think that would be double dipping if not subtracted on home owner's end), and left it up to Flagstar on how much and who they would compensate.

I turned them in initially to my Congressman, who sent it to the CFPB and was told by the CFPB (at that time), they had no other complaints on Flagstar. I have fought for years after being screwed out of my modification, representing myself in Court and prevailing. Flagstar (and their servicers) have not complied with what the Judge told them to do and even though they refused to accept any other partial payments, other than the HAMP modification payments all made on time and Flagstar laughingly told me at mediation, they held up the paperwork intentionally until the guidelines changed and I no longer qualified. They initially refused to give me a forbearance until I was out of money, then denied me one and later (some years later) finally gave me one, only to call and tell me after the 5th payment they would no longer accept anymore, because "they had not decided what they wanted to do to me".

I don't trust them and have much more I could say. Unfortunately, the CFPB is no better and closed my case early, made me wait 6 weeks or more to re-open and changed my account number repeatedly, refusing to give it to me over the phone and never mailing it to me. I gave up after the last time, when the girl told me that she had to hang up because they had an emergency....never got a call back.

I guess that is what I should expect by an agency ran by ex-bankers! Maybe if we can get to President Trump, we can get the help we need!


I'm having and had problems with this company I don't want to lose my home!


I have been trying to work with Flagstar Bank on a home loan modification since 10/12 (it's now 7/13), due to being put on permanent disability in December 2012. I have an excellent credit rating and have no other debt, so I attempted to be proactive in this situation in order to protect my credit score from my new inability to pay the current mortgage. Though I have a small savings account, it is set aside for my medical bills, etc., and cannot be depleted to pay my mortgage. I have called Flagstar Bank at least 500 times since October 2012, likely far more, but they (as in not any of the MANY people I've called) haven't answered the phone a SINGLE time. Not once. I have left voicemails daily with the floor manager, my "single point of contact", and the overall manager, who have called me back just four times (not each but total)and not even close to the time period requested, due to my illness. Therefore, I was unable to take their few calls, and each time I attempted to call them back, oftentimes just seconds later, they failed to answer.

After working incredibly hard for many, many months, being denied, reapplying and updating all documents for months and months, I was finally offered a trial loan modification plan, at HUD's recommendation to them, in April 2013, which I completed successfully and EXACTLY as directed, down to sending the payments by the first of the month though I don't even get paid until the first of the month and only once a month, and in cashier's check form as opposed to my usual electronic transfer. Prior to completion and at the direction of the contract, I called in the final month to discuss a permanent modification. Though they refused to answer their phones or return my calls, my Flagstar single contact FINALLY called to falsely claim that I now have a lien on my home, which they just discovered as they were "putting together my modification package", that it was posted in March 2013, prior to being offered the trial mod, which makes no sense, because it would have discovered then, and I wouldn't have been offered the trial modification plan, and that the lien was from the state of California taxes. I told my contact with Flagstar that it was a complete error, that I have no liens on my home, not now or ever, have never received any notices of monies due, in fact I've always received a refund each year, and that liens are not applied to homes suddenly: there are many notices sent out that must go unanswered, and I had gotten none. Furthermore, I explained that if this alleged lien was posted prior to my trial modification, then it wouldn't have been offered to me and would have shown up at that time. I BEGGED Dineem, my contact, to just have them retype my name and/or social security number, stating that it was an error, to which he haughtily and laughingly replied, "Ha ha, that's not how it works, ma'am. "You'll need to go to the tax people," [insert: yes, he said "people," as he didn't even know who controls a state's taxes] "and have them complete paperwork, which must then be notarized." I began crying, as I'm very ill, and I can rarely even get out of bed. To go to the bank each month to get the cashier's checks was incredibly hard as it was, but to do all of these additional things for a simple typo, when they could just retype the information, and it would come back clear, was ridiculous! Still, he laughed and refused, so I said just send the paperwork and hung up. I received it days later with no letter of explanation, I had no idea how to complete the paperwork or even if anyone else aside from the notary needs to complete the documents and, of course, when I called 100+ times and left voicemails with all of the above people, nobody returned my call. So I completed it myself, having no idea what it means or what it's for, and I'm usually pretty good with legalese, as I dealt with it quite a bit in my job as a school psychologist, and will now very hesitantly mail back the documents to them with a cover letter explaining the lack of directions, my understanding of what the paperwork means, and that my signature on each page is agreement to the terms of my understanding, even if it is in contrast to what it really means, since nobody would return my call to clarify it for me. I have no idea if this will hold up in a court of law, as ignorance of the law is no defense, but I'll try, as I'm afraid it says something like I'm giving them title to my home.

The random UPS where I went to get my notary done said I was the second customer he had dealt with that very day with a document for Flagstar Bank and an issue with them, where we claimed to be getting screwed over, never being able to speak with anyone, etc. He said this man was looking for a class action lawsuit as well. There are many lawsuits against them, but it looks like they have been settled to date. I live in California and am very interested in joining a class action lawsuit against Flagstar Bank for their fraudulent business practices, specifically regarding home loan modifications. I'm SURE that their claim of a lien against my home (which I called to verify was erroneous with the Franchise Tax Board in California, who confirmed it was, and they also said that any such claim must be supported by a certificate of lien number by the claimant so that it can be looked up and settled by the customer, which Flagstar Bank did not provide, and when I requested such on their voicemail, they failed to return my calls, per usual)was not even just an error, but it was knowingly inaccurate for some purpose that benefits Flagstar financially. You'd think that with all of the lawsuits being won against them, they'd stop their fraudulent practices, but it seems to haven't made a difference at all in how they do business. So who's with me? Who has any information on starting a new class action lawsuit against Flagstar, or even one that may have already been started? We can and should do this. Flagstar Bank is as unscrupulous as a business can be, takes full advantage of the vulnerable and unfortunate, and seems to only hire sociopaths, i.e., those lacking a conscious or empathy, to deal with their customers, since with my illness, tears, etc. that I have used, not purposely in a manipulative way, has done NOTHING to sway any one of them. I despise them, and they must receive consequences for their actions. Lastly, they do all of these things AFTER receiving federal bailout money! Our tax dollars have allowed them to screw us again, while they lavish in money! Our money!

Martinsburg, West Virginia, United States #627275

Seems like Me and Undisclosed works for Flagstar Bank! What are your experiences with Flagstar and when?

to Jake Dayton, Ohio, United States #666671

Ongoing..a class action lawsuit is definitely in order...half of us don't have the funds to pursue them individually...what they have done to us, emotionally too, is down right sickening.

to cs #991582

I was a flag star bank employee and customer for two and a half years. I would definitely want to sue them.

My contact info is 5173486348. I have many violations that were done on to me.

contact me please.

Kansas City, Missouri, United States #587448

I think Flagstar is dirty. I had my home for 5 years and never missed a payment.

Lost my job in Feb 0f 2011. I let Flagstar know In March 2011 about my situation. They said they could not help me unless I stopped making payments. Had enough in savings to make my payment for 6 months.

I stopped making payments in Sept 2011 and tried to do a loan modification. Flagstar told my attorney and myself that the foreclosure process would be on hold till my modification was completed.

On Feb 7th 2012 I was denied for a modification and Feb 8th 2012 I was told I had to be out of my house by March 1, 2013.

I house is still on the market and is overpriced in my opinion.

to Kymera99 Dayton, Ohio, United States #666661

Did they send you paperwork or did they tell you to contact their recovery team who told you verbally to get out, as they did to us?


Please don't trash Flagstar bank without proof, not cool. And MI is the 2nd worse economy in the USA!!

Behind only Nevda. A bad economy, and people getting loans for houses out of their price range causes people to lose their home, Especially if they lose their job, take a pay cut, their home interest rate goes up, ect,...

to Me Portland, Oregon, United States #639596

Flagstar Bank is an overwhelming example of dishonesty and duplicity. They are supposed to do modifications according to HUD rules but don't follow them. When people have incomes they are supposed to follow the required formulas. Last June, 2012 HUD put out a notice that banks were not to require the 31% DTI entry any longer. Flagstar went on denying modifications by ignoring this directive. Later, HUD set up a new set of directives.

Flagstar Bank is well know to be a run around to people who are applying for loan mods and would qualify. I know of one who was told he was qualified one month and the next month told he wasn't. Letters come, singed by certain "speicalists" with a phone number and no one ever returns the call - over and over.

Some day there will be a class action lawsuit against them and I hope the punitive damages are high.

to Me Portland, Oregon, United States #639598

On your claim of people getting loans for homes they couldn't afford; Flagstar Bank was sued by NY US Attorney for FHA underwriting fraud and fined 133 million USD. They gave workers bonuses for cranking out FHA loans.

They conned people into thinking they would be able to afford them. Other banks did it too and have been sued and fined as well. My own community bank offered us a no stated income loan for a home we knew we couldn't afford. We didn't do it.

But I realized that all this was fueling the house flipping bubble and the subsequent crash.

Trying to blame it on the simple consumer is dishonest and these bank practices and BUNDLING these lousy loans and selling them as securities are what caused the recession. The banks did it all and Flagstar is one of the worst because its now trying to profit by misleading people who come to them for help via a government program that they are so far violating every day.

to Judged by the Company YOU Keep Dayton, Ohio, United States #666680

This is in addition, if I may; Dear, ME...since no one can reply to you under your comment I will do so here. Don't trash a company who is doing this to us, our families and millions of others?

You must work for them. Everything everyone is saying here is true and there is plenty of proof.

Thank You to Judged by the company YOU keep for having the victims of Flagstar Bank's backs... Appreciate your input very much and if there is a class action lawsuit filed against this bank keep me informed...thank you very much...we filed bankruptcy and that has still not stopped their harassment of us (among other things)

to Me Michigan, United States #861790

Really Me.....In have lived in Michigan my entire life, made good money until the automotive industry crashed. I have files that are over 6 inches deep of faxes that I had to send to them weekly as no one could find anything that I faxed.

They do not correctly report to the credit bureau and I just found out from HUD that they are exceeding the time allowed to file the insurance claim so they can get more money from the HUD insurance and you want us to not trash talk them, it is not cool!!!

They are not ethical in any manner and I plan to do anything that I can as they are still negatively impacting my life 5 years later by not following the rules or laws!!! The average person would be in jail but this company can continue to rip the people and the government off!!


I'm pretty sure that the bank isn't "letting the homes rott...foreclosing on homes just to collect the insurance money" because that would be illegal.

The possible scenario that would be better suited for this type of situation would be the fact that Washington has finally witnessed what the rest of the country has been going through for a long time?

Banks are highly regulated, and although they are sometimes found to be out of regulation, for the most part - foreclosing on homes just to collect insurance money - is something that would be highly illegal and discovered quickly by regulators. Every foreclosure decision/underwriting decision has to follow guidelines and if it doesn't they have to be explained as to why they didn't follow those guidelines. Not to mention the fact that banks don't want "non-performing loans" on their books - it hurts them.

Starting a class action lawsuit on a bank for foreclosing on homes, legally, is frivolous. Could it be that unemployment spiked in your state approximately 3-12 months ago? Could it be that an industry in the state of Washington took a hit about that amount of time ago? There are many things that factor into when a bank decides to foreclose or not- first being the borrowers willingness to communicate their situation.

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