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I received a check in the mail from Flagstar Bank from my mortgage account. The only indicator as reason for the check was listed as "misapplication reversal" which shpuld have included correspondence giving their definition to what this meant and why the check was issued, but they were requiring the check to be cashed within 90 days of the check issurance date. When the customer service dept was asked for a document explaining what misapplication reversal meant and what the check was for...they couldn't tell on my account..all they would say was I need to transfer you to the dept that has that information. I had spoke to Pablo earlier but documents were never offered or info that it can be provided. When transferred to the next dept, Vivian received account verification then proceed to ask what I plan to do about the account. I told her that had been taken care of in a phone conversation with Pablo earlier that what I needed was documents explaing their definition of misapplication reversal and what the check was for since "NOTHING" was sent with the check. So I first asked Vivian about the contact notations made by Pablo so I could the documents initiated to me. She would not tell me this information but instead passed me off by transfer to Pablo`s voicemail. No dept knows what the other dept is doing..nor do they have customer service info in the account to resolve issues immediate instead of the cold transfer where your account info has to be reported over and over....no matter what the issues maybe...other depts have no clue of your contact already with their company. I have a realtor and attorney working to communicate with the Flarstar Bank in reference to the property and mortgage status but are treated just as bad.....I'm a heart failure patient....who lost a husband in 2012...I've tried to get a loan modification but was rejected and not only does those indicators say she needs hardship assistance but it also says...she's a disabled veteran who you're refusing to help....I was an excellent customer until the medical issue pulling me out of the workforce, before I lost my hubby, and before my medical and medications went through the ceiling.....I've tried hard....but I can't even get policy info with a check....the only time you can leave a voicemail id during that department`s business hours since it's totally based in transfer through customer service who can't see another contact in other depts.....they need reorganization and better everything.....don't tell me that the company doesn't have a definition for misapplication reversal...as I was told....HELP!

Attachment Pic of Check Issued showing info...I have several other pics but attachments allowed was one.

Thank you,

Angie Emmendorfer

Flagstar Bank

Mortgage Customer

Since 2007

Product or Service Mentioned: Flagstar Bank Loan Modification.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Fremont, California, United States #1143283

Angie, I'm sorry to hear about your situation with Flagstar.

If you'd like to learn how to join a class action lawsuit against Flagstar, call me at 650.283.3093. You pay absolutely nothing, and we fight for you.


Dillsburg, Pennsylvania, United States #1043253

I am sorry you are having one heck of a hard time with all of these people. Please call me I am on your side going through mortgage *** myself. I have something that I would like to share with you and when you call you will have hope again.



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