Kennewick, Washington

We had a loan with them. When we asked for a pay off amount.

They had to send it by mail. We waited 17 days for our letter for payoff. The payoff was for 6 days earlier. We had to pay extra in hope it was enough.

We over paid them $12 over. I figured it cost us about $72.00 more,because we had to account for the 6 days and the 3-5 days it took for our check to reach them. Probably could have save us $125-$150 more if they would have told us the amount when we called the first time. Then we had to wait 32 days for our lien release and title.

When you call them you get thier call center,and it is those folks who take all the complaints,because management is to scared to deal with any complaints. I will never do any business with FLAGSTAR ever again. Forgot to mention we paid our loan off 4 years early. I have used banks from new york to los angeles and never had any problems.

This is the worst bank. I hope they go under soon.

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