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While going through a financial hardship I decided to request a loan modification. Flagstar sent me the paperwork and I filled out and submitted all the requedted paperwork and bank statements and payroll info they requested only to be told 3 weeks later that they never received it.

So I once again resubmitted it only to be told that my bank statements and pay stubs were now no longer current. So I had to start all over. I reprinted my most current bank statements and paycheck stubs and resent them to Flagstar only to be told that other items were now missing. I was understandably frustrated so I called them and asked them EXACTLY what they needed from me.

I wrote everything down. I then sent them every single item they requested only to be told 30 days later that certain items were still missing. This had turned into a vicious cycle Because by the time I sent them the paperwork they needed my bank statements were outdated or my paycheck stubs were outdated and they wanted those resent and by the time I sent those they were still missing something else or it was now outdated. It had turned into a vicious cycle and a loophole for them to get out of the modifications that their customers were requesting.

I was at the point of pulling my hair out when I look them up online and saw this is not the first time this has happened with this company. Apparently this is how they handle most of their customers modification requests. They have their customers jump through hoops only to then tell them they never received the paperwork or some of the paperwork is missing. Doesn't sound like a very professional company.

And if you look at the reviews online you will see I'm not the only one who feels that way.

I plan to file a formal complaint against this company because all they've done is make my life a living ***. Hey Flagstar why don't you sell my loan so I don't have to deal with you anymore!!!

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Fulton, Illinois, United States #1288928

Hi I lost my home to these inept jerks and their dual tracking loan modification program. I sent everything notarized from my bank and attorney but they kept losing everything and saying they didn't receive it when it was all sent certified mail, if you would like to honestly join in on an active Federal class action lawsuit please leave a contact number you will be contacted let's ban together against these crooks and let the Feds get'em

Hammonton, New Jersey, United States #1254208

Next time send everything certified mail, return receipt requested, and they need to sign for it. Also include an itemized list of all the documents they requested.

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