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Worst mortgage company. EVER.

Employees that you talk to over the phone will only tell you what want hear IF they can tell you ANYTHING. We are current on our payments. Nothing is due until Jan., 2013. Yet, today, they sent an inspector to our home.

After living here for a year, they increased our monthly payments, by $200, yet no one tell us why. In November, 2 years in a row, we were 1 week late getting our payment in, and they threatened us with foreclosure and sent an inspector to our house. We have been with this company for over3 years, have NEVER missed a payment, and have had NOTHING but PROBLEMS. These people seem to only be happy, NOT by us paying our mortgage, but trying to get us to foreclose on our house.

We are now in the process of refinancing with a different company. NOT because we want to lower our payments.

That's just a bonus. We have just had MORE than enough of their garbage to last us a lifetime!

Product or Service Mentioned: Flagstar Bank Mortgage.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

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