Upper Marlboro, Maryland
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My name is Gloria Douglas, Flagstar foreclosed on my loan in 2010. I went to HELP and they were so nasty the lady would not help me.

They will not answer your calls when they know you are trying to get answers to try and save your home. They are hartless peaple and I don't see how they get away with what they do to people. I was under water and they would not give me a refinance.

My home was not worth 300,000 and I was paying 2300 per month.My loan number was 501670780-3. I hope we can file a class suit because I lived in my home for 20 years and flagstar took it and resold it and I didn't get a penny, it is not fair.

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This is GLoria DOuglas, please count me in. If Bank of AMerica have to

Follow the law why not them.

I am ready to.

Fought!!! 301_456_1547.

Fremont, California, United States #1143319

Very sorry to hear about your situation with Flagstar.

If you'd like to join a class action lawsuit against Flagstar, please call me at 650.283.3093 or email at fightflag.mary@gmail.com. You don't have to pay a dime, and we will do the fighting for you.

A great law team is already building a case, we just need a few more people to join.



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