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I am planning to move all of my accounts out of flagstar bank. flagstar has the highest fees of any bank.

they are definately one of the banks which is surviving by charging fees.

ex. flagstar gives you overdraft protection automatically. i do not have credit cards and do not want credit cards - i only have a debit card. however, if you do go overdraft on a flagstar debit card they will allow you to spend money you don't really have.

why? because for each transaction over the limit they charge a whopping $40. i mean each one. i did this only once (obviously).

i know flagstar has numerous other fees which have not personally affected me. basically, do not put your money with flagstar bank.

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Every bank dose that


I have had nothing but problems with flagstar since I opened my account. My debit card took over 4 MONTHS and 3 separate times being re sent out to arrive at my house.

I was rudely told when I came in after waiting the allotted time for the debit card to simply... wait longer. They have incorrectly entered deposits into the system which take weeks to get sorted out. Multiple times they have selectively chosen to apply debits to the account BEFORE the deposits and charged multiple overdraft fees.

These were NOT my mistake, the deposits were ALWAYS made first. Also, I had to tell them 3 different times I did not want any paper statements (bc they charge a fee for them). They charged me overdraft fees AGAIN because randomly 4 months later they charged that paper statement fee (which I did not account for). I told them I had asked repeatedly for paper statements to stop and they even said it had been noted on the account, but they refused to refund me a cent for the fees, and it took more attempts to get the paper statements (and the statement fee) to stop.

My fiance' and I are fiscally responsible, we keep track of our money, and we certainly do not spend money we do not have.

There have just been so many mistakes and immoral practices by this bank. We've stayed with them far too long and paid them hundreds of dollars we don't rightly owe them.


I love flagstar. They gave me $100 just to opent the account.

They were the first bank to come up with this idea. I balance my account and have absolutely no problem with flagstar bank the customer service is priceless, I'm about to get a home mortgage from flagstar. overdraft fee is only $34. Never was I charged because I balance.

Bottom line. People that say they will leave a bank will have that problem follow you everywhere you go.

It's not the bank IT'S YOU!!!!!! I say if you can't balance, don't do businesses with financial institutions until you learn basic math!!!

to flagstarcustomer #703274

AMEN people are idiots


Flagstar is bogus. I do keep track of my account, so I knew that I had a charge coming out that would overdraw the account, so I tried to have the payment stopped to know avail.

I got hit with 3, $34 charges for the payment when it was processed THREE times.

Oh, by the way, the bank NEVER covered the draft, so I got charged 3 overdraft payments still had to pay the $37 auto-pay. Im out, Flagstar!


Flagstar. The bank which actually increases the amount of a customer's checking account available balance beyond the actual amount of money which the customer has in the account. Then, when the customer runs out of money in the account, they start charging NSF fees.

They defend themselves by saying that the increased amount is the amount which they may honor through overdraft coverage. There are plenty of other sneaky things they do (like waiting until several weeks after the account is open before adding that amount onto the balance, not offseting alerts when the balance is changed, showing an "available" and "current" balance but not doing it in the same way that most banks do-

It's clear to me what they're trying to do. It's sickening too.


Flagstar is a poor excuse for a bank. I love Anonymos and D's comments, obviously Bank employees.

If you read the comments, Lindsey didn't make any errors the Bank did and they couldn't explain it. Additionally, Hayley's comment only mentioned 1 overdraft and it was $40. If that is what she states the bank charged who are you to arge and say it's less? Not to mention the fact that my bank does over draft protection and there is NO fee.

Finally, I am getting y mortgage out from under Flagstar!

Other banks are offering streamline refinances and Flagstar is changing the rules. As a customer I want to lower my payment so I can actually get after my principle a balance. That is lower my payment put still make my current payment.

They wanted to charge me an obseen amount of money to do this.. I found PLENTY of other banks Wells Fargo, BoA, USAA, BNC National and many mortgage companies willing to take much better care of me and I wasn't even a current customer..


I am about to move my accounts too. The have charged me overdraft fees for NOT overdrafting.

One time I called and they looked into it and said it was a computer glitch and did refund my fees but a week later it happened again! So then just a few days ago I had my husband deposit cash in the acct. After he deposited it he went to the store and used the debit. I also used the debit after the deposit was made.

Well the next day 2 overdraft fees for using the acct after a cash dep. The bank couldntexplain how it happed but said "as a customer courtesy we will refund the fee" A COURTISY! We put the money in there and then used our debit card.

I do NOT trust them. i am in the process of moving banks but its not a easy process with moving automatic deposits but I cannot handle this anymore1


For starters, the fee is $34.00 not $40, which is either comparable to all other banks, or in most cases lower. I agree with Anonymos, keep a check register and learn how to balance your own books, it's no wonder you don't have a credit card since it seems like your pretty swipe happy to me.

I guess a lot of you people just need to go back to the basics when you only have $50 in your account and your automatic car payment is coming out wouldn't you rather have it get paid and get charged $34 or get returned, become embarrased and get charged $34 on top of it not getting paid? WAKE UP

to D Battle Creek, Michigan, United States #1147748

Actually, it's 36$. At least that's what I get charged.

My car insurance was set to automatically come out of my account and due to unauthorized charges made by eBay, I had insufficient funds. The bank allowed them to charge me twice without still allowing the payment to go through, so I was hit with 72$ in overdraft fees, without a payment even being made-with overdraft "protection."


Flagstar Possible Chapter-11? Stock Price per share is around .50 cents per share down from ( $25.75 per share in June of 2004) When a stock is under a dollar it is called a "Pink Slip" verry Volitile could go under soon.

P.S. Flagstar will tell you all Banks are having this problem, but this is not true. All good Banks you will see on the stock exchange is over $15.00 dollars a share, check for yourself, .50 cents per share is verry Volitile, Chapter 11 is right around the corner. Check Citezens Bank over $15.00 dollars a share, Bank of America over $15.00 dollars a share, the writing is on the wall, or figure it out for youself do the math.

It is so funny there own employees can not see this? Is this a case of denial?

London, England, United Kingdom #113880

Flagstar doesn't charge fees that are any higher than other banks. You got hit with that fee for going over your balance.

Do you keep track of how much you spend, or do you rely on someone else to tell you that you're out of money. Banks are not babysitters. The bank offers the overdraft protection to ensure your debits get paid. Would you rather pay $40 and have your rent check go through or pay $40 and the late fee your landlord will charge you for the bounced check?

Every bank has fees.

So do credit unions. Keep a check register and you won't have to guess.

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