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I applied for a loan modification in September 2009 when my job was cutting back hours and I thought that would be a good temporary lifeline which I thought was available and I also thought the company would be willing to fix a minor problem. I was just told to send in the same paperwork every month without a response and when I would call they just would tell me it was getting sent to a modification specialist and to just keep sending in pay stubs and bank statements.

Finally got an answer when I called on October 14th 2010, they told ,me my modification was denied and house was being sold at auction on October 15th which if you didn't notice was the next day. Later was served paperwork that they had filed an unlawful detainer lawsuit against me for living in a house that I wasn't paying for which I had tried to give them money but they refused to take it. I was 3 payments behind and had 2 payments that I could pay and they said because I had filed for a modification I wasn't able to pay at this time. I think this bank is a joke and I recommend never doing business with.

They set you up for failure telling you to be delinquent before they can help you and then refuse to take your payments until they come to the decision of denial for a program that the guidelines to qualify are your exact situation and now you are so far behind there is no way to catch up and they take your house. DON'T DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY

Product or Service Mentioned: Flagstar Bank Loan Modification.

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I am currently going through the same thing the bank told me that I couldnt pay them if I wanted a motification. I was current till they told me I had to be behind by 3months.

After that they drug the feet for another year now it has been 16months I am currently suing them in court now This company is going against the Law that was set in place to help those in need. As soon as I win my case If I still have to pay them, I will be refinancing as soon as the dent they have put in my credit heals thats for sure.

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My mortgage was with Flagstar who I really liked however after they sold my loan they continued to send me offers trying to get my business. I called after many things were sent and told them that I was their customer but they did not want me to be, like selling my loan.

Why would I wnat to go back to the company that sold me?? not going back

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