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I began the Loss Mitigation process with Flagstar 3 months ago. In these last 3 months I have had to resubmit various paperwork numerous times because they either "lost" it or claimed they never recieved it.

Today I was on HOLD for one hour and 4 minutes...only to be told that they had not recieved all the required paperwork and closed my file and I am now going to have to start all over again.

I have never dealt with such incompetence in my life and can only conclude that there must be a "corporate directive" to string people along and "lose paperwork" so they can just foreclose on people. It is similar to the strategy insurance companies use on claims....deny, deny, deny until people just give up.

Product or Service Mentioned: Flagstar Bank Mortgage.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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I started my modification paperwork in December, I faxed every paper they requested, and got a confirmation of fax, I called every monday and spoke to an employee at the loss mitigation dept asked for the employee number and call record. in february I got a temporary repayment plan I still called every week to ensure they didnt need anything else from me, I have been doing it till this past monday and finally I recieved a call I was approved for a modification for 2.50 % interest under the obama plan my payment dropped from 1726.00 to 968.00, just keep doint it and dont give up.

Good Luck


Or move back to your parent's house and live in the basement like a mole, your choice?


You have a Law suit against them if they responded they did not receive your mail hopefully it was registered mail if it was that is a case of "Mail Fraud"! Hopefully you write down all your details and take them to court Dispute, Dispute, Dispute, Fight, Fight,Fight but do not give up your "KEYs" it is all in the "Details", to stay in your "Home", they Lie and call them on it, don't forget they will not help.

Read all that have lost there homes doing exactly what you are doing now, stay in your home for 25-Years or more and don't pay one thin dime while you are "DISPUTING YOUR CASE"!

That is your "LEGAL RIGHT"! Don't Eat Crow know more enough is enough.


This is what has been happening to me. I have submitted hundreds and hundreds of documents and they cannot read them or close my paperwork.

How can you close someones paperwork when you have so many pieces of paper to review. Filed a complaint to the BBB and they can no longer help.

Told to contact the States Attorneys office to complain. Flagstar sucks!!!


That happens a lot when "GREEDY BANKS" don't want to help, they put on a "DEAF EAR" or loose paper work or play the DDUMM Game!


This happens a lot.

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