Los Angeles, California

Do not do business with Flagstar!!!! I have read all the issues of people trying to get Flagstar to work with them because they are behind on their mortgage payments.

My story is a little different. I have never been late or missed a mortgage payment....EVER! I am in a position to pay off my mortgage in full and their customer service people keep trying to send me to their automated phone system when I ask questions about how to pay off the mortgage. I get the impression that nobody there knows how to handle my question so they keep transfering me to the eternal loop of automation that goes no where.

Finally one employee said he could get the payoff amount, but could not tell me over the phone, he would have to email it to me???? And they want $5 bucks to send the email..........unbelievable!!! I agreed to pay the $5 bucks and they said they would send it to me in an hour.

Surprise, surprise I never got an email from them. I called back the next day to complain to a supervisor and was transfered back to the automated system again.

Moral of the story: If they treat me this bad and Im the guy who has made my payments and now want to pay in full, I cant imagine how they treat customers who are behind on their payments!!!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Flagstar Bank Mortgage.

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