Seattle, Washington
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No one cares about your issue. No one returns calls-even managers let voice mail take calls for over two months and still no return phone calls.

They let your account go late and when you try to ask them what is going on they say they don't care! Unbelievable! If they tell you they have a repayment plan worked out-don't believe it! They are not capable of even the smallest amount of integrity in their dealings.

We are in the process of getting rid of them right now and we will never go w/Flagstar again! They need to be shutdown immediately!!

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Try the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. They deal with fraudulent and bad faith business practices. Worked for us, in just 10 days.


Chisty, customers have stick together in numbers, fact in case one person affects at least #400 hundred future Customers by word of mouth, you know how this works one person tells another person so on so on! And now that we have the internet much more!!

There are Going to be Disgruntled Loan Officers being Fired or Resigning saving face from being Fired lets wait for there Stories, you are right about one thing, Customer Service and Loan Officers are terrible they tell you to hold on and pass the Call on to some one else, and sak you what your problem is with NO-RESULTS what a way to Run A Bank! I am a customer of "flagSHAFTbank" and very unhappy with not ever getting results, or Customer Service taking my side and saying YOUR RIGHT, what would be the Big Deal & the going the Extra Mile for you! They would make a Happy Customer and Win # 400 Customers instead of loosing them? They spend thousands of dollars to get new Customers threw Advertising and then loose them by treating them unkindly, that means hidden fees & other Practices that raise up your mortgage a little here and a little there!

There will be a "flagSHAFTbank" Loan Officer posing as a Happy "flagSHAFTbank" Customer but this will be far from the truth, They will comment that "flagSHAFTbank" is the Greatest thing that has come along the Pike since "POP CORN" or they will say terrible things about there Customers on this site on how they do not pay on time or they don't have enough money in there bank account to cover mortgage, THAT IS BULL!

because i always pay by the first & never bounced a check but if you read all the posts out there, IT'S THE CUSTOMERS FAULT, NEVER "flagSHAFTSbank"! What Bull!

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