Stafford, Texas
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Was supposed to be iin the loss mitigtaion program, paid 2 forebearance plans I submitted everything they ever ask me for, they foreclosed asnd sold my house in four days over a holiday weekend . When I called the phone assistance that had been helping me scheree Anderson she said oh, I over looked that part never saw a foreclosure or sell pending., no one would even talk to me just said I would be getting evicted, said maybe you can rent it from the bank thru HUDE but you won't nhe getting it bank it is sold back to flagstar by flagstar

Monetary Loss: $150.

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:cry Flagshaft makes me want to commit myself to psych ward Hair is falling out I rattle cuz Im so full of valium All over a short sale initiated 5 months ago


"flagSHAFT bank & it's Employee's" was not suppose to use the "TARP FUNDS" for vacation's yauting drinking and good times, that money was suppose to go to your customers having a tuff time, it was not for your "TWO DOLLAR PERKS"! I just don't get it. Your just plain "GREEDY" and that is all I have to say about that.


No payment... no home. What did you expect?


Do not lieve your Home, let them drag you out, it can take them 25-Years to get you out you do not have to pay a single "DIME While Disputing Your Case" through the Legal System. Please read comment below her name is "Danielpa" it is about 18 to 20 comments below her name is "Patsy Campbell" it is a must read, save your money while fighting them in court, put the money you saving under your mattress, keep all money out of your savings account & checking account because they can levy your account!

Knowledge is power, read all blogs it can save you a Great Deal of "MONEY"! There are "$tupid Customers you will understand what i mean when you read responces but there are really "SAVY Customers Take There Advice" "flagSHAFT bank" will not help you all they can think of is how to "$crew You"!

Comment below was written by one of there "Employee's! See how cold they can be, they could care less if you would loose your Home & then laugh at you, they are "Preditors" that is all i have to say about that.


If you are not making your payments on time you always run the risk of losing the house to foreclosure. I love how you say they stole "your" house when it was never even your house in the first place....until you are mortgage free and own your house free & clear it isnt 100% "yours" anyway.

Maybe you should learn to live within your means and get something you can actually afford next time. The only person you should blame is yourself.

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