Weatherford, Texas
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I'm a RE agent. Buyer put in for a loan to buy a home (FHA).

Property address in Aledo, TX. Loan agent-Darrell Smith, (469)364-7587. Darrell said no problem getting loan approved. Their FHA underwriter had it for over 3 WEEKS & then denied it!!

Buyer in hotel & seller screwed.

Worst service I've ever had in my RE career & I will recommend all my clients not to use the screwball company. I will advise my clients never to accept a pre-qual letter from Flagstar, unless disciplinary action is taken against the underwriter and/or loan officer.

If they strive to provide the best customer service in the industry they can only go up because they are the bottom *** of the barrel now in my client's books.

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Port Saint Lucie, Florida, United States #695468

Everything about FLAGSTAR sucks. Internal communication procedures need to be changed. Processing Mortgages for over 20 years and only company that doens't let you talk to the PEOPLE YOU NEED!!


Flagstar underwriters strung us out for 3 1/2 weeks then denied loan officer for flagstar said he never seen anything like this.... we were approved for a loan through the bank and was told its a no bbrainer ,, our lives are on hold ,, their customer service sucks completely ,, guess the underwriters should think when they go home to their HOUSE and CRUSHED OTHERS.. HANG IT UP FLAGSTAR THE GUIDELINES ARE VERY CLEAR YOU WERE IN THE WRONG....

Poestenkill, New York, United States #213249

I don't know were you have been this happens to all there customers. FlagStar Bank does not give Loan Modifications all they do is play with you as if you are going to get it just to shut you up and then at the end of the waiting period you get the foreclosure notice.

Mellisa really were have you been no-joking, were? Do not leave your property No Matter what they send you Eviction or what ever what they did was not Legal, let it go threw the legal System "They Will Not Like That" who gives a dDam if they do not like that they sScrewed you so stay were you are it is now going to cost them money to get you out.

Do not take cCash For Keys it is a cheap way to get you out without fightin you in Court, its only about 1500.00 hundred give or take a few hundred only one months rent. Stay and fight it can take up to 2-years or more to get you out and there is good chances you can win, you tried to get tarp money they would not help you there are grounds that they put deaf ears on you like they have done to so many of there good customers, "fight"!


We were trying to get a modification since Nov. 2009 and were given the run around until July 2010 when guess what we get?

Foreclosure notice and Flagstar tells us there is nothing they can do. Anyone else in the same situation?

We have numerous emails stating modification will get approved and then we lose our house??? Please email me if you are in the same situation


Been dealing with Flagstar loss mitigation over 1 year and after lost documents ,requesting updated documents and what comes in the mail? An offer with the same interest rate and higher mortgage payment....the worst bunch I have ever dealt with.


flagstar sucks, they did not add my taxes correctly, for my v.a loan. they say i'm 3500 behind in my escrow.

becouse of this dumb *** mistake, i am no longer able to pay for my car.

And they could care less. Can I take them to court for this????

Canet De Mar, Catalonia, Spain #133513

Flagstar is horrible. I went through a broker and the broker chose Flagstar.

They approved the application, and days before the close they came up with the fact that there aren't enough comparables in the appraisal and they cannot approve the PMI that I would require with 10% down. Do not go through them. They assigned my appraisal to LSI, and then LSI told me they have no idea what Flagstar wants. That's why the appraisers do what they feel is right, and if Flagstar doesn't like it, then they should submit a appeal.

All in all, you will be the one that will be charged, and have to sit there and not be able to do anything about it. Never Never Flagstar. Just do a google search on Consumer Complaints if you don't believe my story.

I'm not up on all the loan lingo but this is definitely not how things should end up for the buyer. One can only appreciate the disappointment when they go through it themselves.


I can not believe that a Real Estate Agent does not understand the new guide lines, that is also known as the HVCC, so why are you F. Meyer putting in "YOUR 2 CENTS" do you think your the only person in the world that understands this is you, come on now.


Flagstar uses LSI appraisal mgmt for their HVCC appraisals so you are gonna get a terrible appraisal by an incompetent agent. Go with another lender to avoid this. Flagstar sucks.

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