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Flagstar is a sad excuse for a financial institution. They offset my $500 personal debt against my employer's corporate account even though it is against their own policy to do so.

Why you ask? Because of a personal vendetta of someone in their loss prevention department. I know I would win litigation on the issue, but it's not worth it for $500. Instead I plan to let everyone know how unprofessional they are.

In fact I know that they've lost 12 corporate accounts already based on my recommendations as I happen to be a business consultant.

I am happy to provide Flagstar victims with a list of better alternatives upon request, free of charge. Just email

Product or Service Mentioned: Flagstar Bank Checking Account.

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Like another poster already stated if your SS# is on your personal and the business account as a signer it is possible to offset one account for the other. There are legal issues though depending on the corperation of the business account and ownership titles. That being said I can understand you being pissed but the way to avoid all of this was to keep your own account in good standing.


Flagstar Bank is dishonest about their fees and overdraft polices!!!


:grin is there really anything good to say about any bank, not really. They are pretty much the reason the economy is slipping. flagstar bank is just one lil speck in the banking world.


Not only Flagstar all Financial Corporations' foundation based on cheat & flourish. They are blood suckers and we let them do that.


Just to clarify: It is against not only policy, but law to confiscate personal funds to offset a debt for a corporation. The opposite, however is perfectly acceptable.

I hate to say it, but I wouldn't give you much credit as a business consultant if you can't prevent yourself from getting charged off by a bank. You must not practice what you preach.


If any signer's SS#'s match on your personal account and the corporate account, they are more than within their right to offset a negative balance on one account with funds from the other. Don't let your account get charged off and it won't be a problem anyway.

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