Saint Thomas, Pennsylvania

My husband was trying to get his loan modify because the oil refinery he is working at is closing down. we have sent in all the information that Flagstar required of us.

We could not make the payments and was trying to explain that to the loss midigation. Now my husband and I received a foreclosure letter from an attorney stating action for Foreclosure. I told my husband to call Flagstar.

The people at flagstar are stating that they don't have any information on file all they have is modification denied. I think that Flagstar is the worst and I am getting an attorney

Product or Service Mentioned: Flagstar Bank Loan Modification.

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If you already secured a attorney, please let me know bacause, my house went for foreclosure sale today. I can't seem to find an attorney without paying upfront.

I would appreciate any help I can get.



I got my loan in April my income was cut by 8% by the government, 8 months later. I informed Flagstar and told that after Nov or Dec I will not be able to make my payment regular.

Can I just pay either at the begin of the month half and then at the end. No. I said can I just pay my regular mortage payment with out my escow include. No.

I fill out all the paper work need and for loan Modificaton and four time I had to redo them.

Now I told that I can modify my loan. Help I am upset.

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