Fort Smith, Arkansas
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My husband and I are tired of the mess that has happened. Flagstar bank doesn't want to work with us at all.

Our lawyer wrote them a letter to let us work out an agreement with them and we received his letter on the 29th of Oct 2010. Today on the 30th of Oct 2010 we received a judgement that was filed on the 27th of Oct 2010 that our home was going to be foreclosed on. We have tried to work with them and they are not willing to work with us. The journal entry of Judgment states that the Plaintiff appeared by its attorneys, Baer, Timerlake, Coulson & Cates, P.C.

through Matthew J. Hudspeth; and mone of the Defendants appeared, either in person or attorney. Well, isn't that interesting!!! we were not notified of anything and also the people who did appear don't want to help anyone either.

My husband has Parkinson's and I have a terminal illness.

These people will have to answer one of these days to a greater power. They cannot lie then as they have done here on earth.

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You should ask what happened to the "TARP" money that was suppose to help customers for relief, What "flagSHAFT bank" did was forget that, now we have new money for new loans in essence they denied all of there previous customers "TARP" loans because of cut pay saleries and other reasons, but remember that was what the "TARP" money was for not to give flagSHAFT bank more money to work with. Call the Media in your area have them do a cover story let them here your cry, they will help.

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