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Flagstar Bank are serving eviction notices that are not Legal, please check with your local court house or city clerks office if you have to leave your property if you receive a foreclosure notice, customers mistake a "Foreclosure notice" for an eviction notice they are not the same it is Apples and Oranges or two different animals. They have been pulling this "SHAM" on a lot of Flagstar Bank customers, if they have perpetrated this on you!

You have legal recourse against them, it was on F.M. radio 104.9 today 10-4-2010 that other banks are also doing this!

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All they will offer is about $1500. dollars give or take a little, about one months rent "Big Deal" look at all you have lost, if you asked for a modification when you needed the help the most all they did was play with you and you know what I mean kept you calling told you they could not help until you were 90-days late then calling back and no one knows what you are talking about after the 90-days and most common stretched it to a year just to "Deny Your Modification" they had no intentions of giving it to you in the first place, Pay back is sweet, stay were you are for 2-years or more tell them CashFOrKeys $shuv it were the sun does not shine, they would through you out on the street in a second.


All there pulling on you is Smoke & Mirrors the 3 day eviction notice is nothing they can not go in your home period if they could they would just do it that is how come they offer you cash for "KEYS" DON'T YOU GET IT, they can not go in your home as long as you live there, they are BULLYS they *** every body with there Mafia tactics don't fall for it stay were you are. Save your money you will need it.


Do not leave your home watch "Pacific Heights" Cease & Desist all verbal communication, no phone calls, no letters, do not listene to threats of any kind, let it be dragged out threw the court system, all in all an eviction notice means is they would like you to vacate on your own, don't make it easy for them, they have $crewed to many customers like that, at this point you can atleast get 18 to 24 months or longer playing the same dDum game that they use on there customers, read all the stories on this site, take your time information is power, there letters for you to leave in 3 days is bBull $hitt believe me, get heavy duty locks for your doors play dDum get tough. Cut all communication!

Bahawalnagar, Punjab Province , Pakistan #198624

I was just served the 3 Day eviction notice after I was given the 30 and 60 day Cash for Keys option. Neither time lines have expired. This agency is ruthless!


It is true, Foreclosure is not an eviction notice you have the same rights that a tenant has when they rent an apartment you can stay were you are and have them drag it threw the Legal System, the same way you would have to evict a tenant, just because you serve them does not mean they have to leave it would go threw the court and that could take from 1 to 2 years, You have the same rights, look at it like this did they help you with your modification, no they plaid the $tupid game with you, pay back is sweet, play the $tupid game with them.

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