Charlotte, North Carolina
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I too lost my home to these unethical bunch of dishonest crooks. I will be reviewing all the complaints on this site and creating an email address for people to send their stories.

Once I have enough compiled I will solicit an attorney and take this institution on. It will take me a few days or a week I'm sure to get through them all but I'm committed to getting something back from these people.

If they had done their jobs like many other banks many people would still be in their homes paying their mortgage. You will hear from me soon.


Product or Service Mentioned: Flagstar Bank Mortgage.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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#1080150! I am with you!


I also lost my home dealing with flagstar.they kept requesting infomation and documents each month, and I kept sending all paperwork flagstar asked of the end I was denied and lost my beautiful home due to a forecloser.flagstar are crooks and should be held accountable for misleading and poor services


I'm posting this for my father in law whose not so good with online activities.

He lost his home to due to Flagstar's inability to process loan modifications and respond efficiently and worse, due to the loss of his home, he and his wife's credit took a huge hit.

As a result, they weren't able to re-finance their loan on two stores which inevitably ended up in foreclosure as well. This trickle effect happened solely b/c Flagstar did not respond in time to their numerous emails, certified mail and calls.

A few weeks back, he received a check due to settlement of lawsuit between Flagstar and CFPB ( The amount of the check doesn't nearly cover the loss incurred as a direct result of Flagstar's incompetence esp.

considering he and his wife now work 12 hr shifts at retail to put two kids through college all as a result of Flagstar actions.

He's looking for a more appropriate compensation for the tragedy he's gone through so would love to hear from anyone whose had similar experience/s (some of your comments seem like we're on the same page).

Please contact me at so we can discuss further.



We too have lost our beautiful Dream Home on 5 acres in Rural Columbia County Oregon. Flagstar bank jerked us around until foreclosure.

Nothing more I would love to do than get even with them spinless, heartless crooks. If we could have gotten a loan modification we would still be there.

Please include me in the Quest. Scott (541)536-1436

Dillsburg, Pennsylvania, United States #1043251

OMG!!! Call me I have exactly wht you are looking for.

I have spent 8 years trying to find someone that would answer my prayers and help me.

All of your questions will be answered as to how this occurred, and what the heck these crooks are doing.

You should read my review its on Pissed Consumer Nationstar.

Title is "They will remeber me"

because when I get done with them I hope my name rings in those walls as they are packing their bags and closing their doors,

this is for all the people that were victimized!!!! I look forward to talking with you, it is so worth it 360-801-7763

to Jules #1049409

Jules - are you still pursuing this? Please see my comment posted and contact me via the email address listed.


to Jules Palo Alto, California, United States #1125899


I'm sorry to hear about your situation with Flagstar.

You may be eligible to join a class action lawsuit against them. The best of lawyers are working on this, and it is 100% free of cost to those who join.

Please call me at 650.283.3093 or email me at



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