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Flagstar Bank made a significant error on my "Truth and Lending Statement" for refinancing. I have an impound account in my loan which was underfunded for entire year.

On the TLS they showed my house payment at $3700/mo., and taxes at $717 for a total payment of $4417. Now they comeback and indicated that my impound account was underfunded by $400. My house payment will now change from $4417 to $5264 per month effective 3/01/08.

My wife and I would never have signed the original loan doc's with this knowlege. We also have a pre-payment penalty which all looks very supicious.

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Got a real run-around requesting a loan modification - mitigation was always at a stand-still - - got a loan lawyer and finally got some progress, they knew just what "buttons" to push to get modification going


same thing happened to me . everytime you call them about anything you get pushed off to some else,I am still fighting them over mine.


they did this to us on our escrow for our property taxes. Ours was not nearly that much..but even $100 a month hurt us bad. Their customer service is terrible...

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This is something that happens often, not just with Flagstar. I have a different loan company and the same happened to me.

After doing a lot of research i found that this is common. You are lucky that your payment was not underfunded by $5000 like mine.

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