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We should all get together and do a class action Law suit against Flagstar and all of its officers..I see and hear the same, Over and over the internet...They are a nuisance to any banking facility and should be shut down with the feds knowing what they are doing. I believe the FDIC and all the other banking regulatory agencies should hear about all of our dealings with this unprofessional bank...It seems like they are the "Big Brother" of the banking world..I will not be happy until I see them go Down. Flagstar and Oficers and Owners Must Go

Product or Service Mentioned: Flagstar Bank Mortgage.

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My name is Mary and I'm sorry to hear about the kinds of things that Flagstar has done to you. It is horrible that you've been shamed out of money and opportunities.

We are working with top-notch attorneys and credit folks to put together a class action lawsuit against Flagstar.

You can be totally anonymous, and we will give you legal protection from retaliation.

You could be entitled to substantial monetary compensation,especially if you are one of the early people to join our lawsuit.

There is zero expenses to you, we will pick up all costs.

And our skilled lawyers will work with you for FREE, to prepare your case. Get the justice and the money you deserve.

Please send your email and phone to, or call/text 415.494.6987. Take care, Mary

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If you'd still like to join a class action lawsuit, call me at 650.283.3093. I've got the ball rolling, now I just need more people to join me in this lawsuit. It's completely free to whomever joins, and the best lawyers are on it.

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I am so happy I seen this site ! This is actually what happened to me.

I was trying to do a short Sale. I had a Buyer and was submitting the paper for over a yr and a half. After that Flag star without any warning put in a Foreclosed Date . My realtor called them to try and find out why.

I even called and receive EXTREMLLY rude Customer Service Reps who hung up the phone on me numerous of times and would not let me speak to a supervisor. They told me I was late submitting the Paper work which was false! I was doing it for a year and a half and they never sent an appraiser to my home which made me loose the buyer who wanted my home.

Please contact me at orlandopayne@hotmail if anything is filed in Massachusetts.

Thank You

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I've got a class action lawsuit started. Call me at 650.283.3093 and let's talk about it.

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #606377

Your stories sound the same as mine. We too lost our home June 2012.

We kept sending paperwork to them and they kept telling us that they modify our loan but never did. We were struggling to send the mortgage payment. They would have us do this 3 month deal of sending it and then lose our paperwork. They even closed our file one time because they said we didnt get back to them with paperwork we had already sent.

We then had to start the process all over again. I lost my job Nov 2010 but Applied for a loan modification in April 2010.

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Join me in my class action lawsuit against Flagstar. It's completely free, we need more people to join and more voices to be heard. Call me at 650.283.3093 to get more information!


Brownsville, Texas, United States #599499

I'm in the class action lawsuit too.. I too lost my home to their lies I kept on sending the information they required to do a loan modification and they kept on telling me they didn't receive this paper that paper I double and triple checked every time I sent them the papers they needed and always kept telling me the same story that its not complete ..Screw Flagstar this is BS ..PLUS they were VERY RUDE too me at. for class action law suit.

to Jorge #1122975


I've got a class action lawsuit started. Call me at 650.283.3093 if you're still interested in joining.


We would love if there was some kind of way to make Flagstar accountable as other banks have had to be. It is sooo frustrating that just because they are not as big as some of the other banks that they were allowed to do the same things and are not being held responsible.

We were forced into foreclosure with them. Long long story but similar to a lot I read here. it all started when we asked for a month deferral. They told us we had to be 2 mos late before they could do that and then it went downhill from there .

repeatedly we were told they were re evaluating our loan or submitting it for modification and then would tell us it was finished we'd send a payment then they'd tell us not to because they had sent the paperwork somewhere else, it went on for TWO years and ended with them telling us we owed a ridiculous sum to bring things current before they would re-instate the loan and they were filing foreclosure . it was a nightmare and ended up with us losing our dream home, that we had worked to build oursleves and had over 200,000 in equity .

count us in if there is any thing done.

to Vandra #1122987


Please contact me at 650.283.3093 to join my lawsuit against Flagstar. The best lawyers are on it, we just need more people to build a case.

Get the justice you deserve!



I was in chapter 13 Bankruptcy for 3 years. Flagstar is trying to forclose on me when I personally never missed a payment.

Please contact me at if Classaction Suit is filed against them. :?

to Juliana Pashov #1122985

Hi Juliana,

I've got a class action lawsuit against Flagstar in the works. I need more people like you to join!

You don't have to pay a dime and would be compensated for your time.

If you're interested, call me at 650.283.3093.




SO GOOD to hear I am not alone. My journey started in December 2009 when they told me to miss 3 payments, so I could qualify for HAMP.

As of November 2012 we have gone through 3 months (extended to about 9 months) of "trial period", never received a HAMP (2010-2011), was sent through mediation (2011) and one week later received Foreclosure notice. We are trying to do the right thing (yes, we do have morals) and short sale the house - but even there a short sale offer sent in April 3 of 2012 has not yet been responded to. Still, they press foreclosure with a high priced lawyer.

Keep me in the loop if another class action suit is engaged! I have solid documentation of the process...

to michael #1122988

Hi Michael,

Please join my class action lawsuit against Flagstar! I've got the best lawyers backing this lawsuit, but need more people like you to join. It's entirely free to you to join, and you could be compensated very well.

My number is 650.283.3093 and I'd love to work with you.



email would be


Flagstar to nationstar...I had them both :cry Please call me if there is a class action...AZ

to Kathleen #1122990


Join my lawsuit against Flagstar! I've sent you an email, but feel free to call me anytime at 650.283.3093.



I am very unhappy with this bank and made several attempts for a modification. I am still waiting years later. u can reach me at

to Jackson/Augusta GA #1122992

Hey there,

I've got a class action lawsuit against Flagstar started. Please consider joining!

It's free to you and you'll be compensated for your time.

Call me at 650.283.3093 any time!


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