Los Angeles, California

I applied for a Loan modification they replied in 4mos that I had to apply for a home affordable loan denied in 2mos. Now back to a Loan Modification more waste of time they need everything again.

Can't say if they will approve and how long it will take in the meantime money is scarce and may have to file bankruptcy for all the delays in approving a modification wasting my time eastern time zone. Only while I'm at work. Calling to only have a wait time of 15 to 20 min to get to a representative.


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Do not let them help you with a "Short Sale" they want there last buck, if they really wanted to help you they would have helped you complete a loan modification it would have been complete in less than 90-days from begining to end, no calling back over and over again just playing ***, would it not have been better them just saying no, letting you go crazy calling calling, calling & calling why or would anyone do this ***.


Get something out of it remember how many times "flagSHAFT bank blew you off, calling putting you on hold sending paper work in over and over again, calling 99% percent of the time and getting nothing but a recorder leive message and never being called back, how often had you done this in work and your boss getting BBull$HIT on the phone all the time keeping you hangin with no intentions of helping you. I say this get even you are going to loose your home an *** could see the writng on the wall, stay were you are let it go threw the Legal System, get 1 or 2-years from this, save your money you can atleast get an apartment with the money you saved, you can't go back to your parents.


Get ready for them to sell you on a "Short Sale" that means they are writing you OFF they feel that there going to get stiffed so before you $crew them they will $crew you hard first, they will have there customer care service call you and tell you that they will help you with a "Short Sale," there not helping because the only money there going to see from you is from the "Short Sale," You get nothing from this, "flagSHAFT bank" gets all the money, do not let them say this is to help you it does not you get nothing but bad credit and can not get an apartment after doing so, Remember "flagSHAFT bank" has the "devil" working for them what ever they say only helps them! They could charm a dog off a meat wagon with there *** Stay in your home as long as you can play the *** game like they plaid on you do not answer phone when you answer it say he is out for lunch ill have him call back when he returns, save the money you have now, get 1 or 2-years going through the legal system let them suffer like you did, they plaid *** you play *** now, $ave Your Money, sign nothing!

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