I put in a modification application 8 month ago with the company. my application is still in review every time I call to inquire on it they say that i have two more week to check back.

Several people are on they account no one seems to check in with the other to see what has been done. I'm still waiting on a response to see if they will help me save my home.

It seem like they are giving me the run around. the person suppose to be over my application is never ever in the office when i call.

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My modification application took 20 months to process, don't hold your breath. Document every single thing, these people are the absolute worst and will lie to the end.

Sussex, Wisconsin, United States #902378

They gave me the run around for two years. house was being foreclosed on.

I went into mediation with a third party then they started to talk, but still kept screwing thing up. Keep on them they are not to be trusted.

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