Pacific, Missouri
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I refinance in 2008 and the people give my loan to flagstar bank and they have been giving me a hard time every scent i get with them; i have got behind in my payment and the have me to send in a hardship letter, 1040 forms from the IRS, checks studs bank statments and a lot more stuff i have to sent in so they say they will lower my rate and my mortagage, but the have not done it yet and i have been doing this mess every scent december 2010. AND I told them i don't have time yo keep doing this stuff because my Daddy have cancer and we all have to take care of him.

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Learn how to write you sound like you are in kinder garden, and by the way they have heard the daddy story more than you can imagine all they want is the "MONEY" they could care less about sick one's, so please let someone help you with your with your complaint.

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