Torrance, California

The first time I called Flagstar Bank to ask if they received my payment, the person I spoke with was of no help at all. I was not happy after hanging up and Googled Flagstar and discovered this website with all the bad reviews. I too was going to write a bad review, but then thought I would give them a second try since I have a complex payment situation. My payments are being made by a housing assistance program that is impossible to contact.

So I called Flagstar a second time and this time the person I spoke with understood my complicated situation and transferred me to their Loss Mitigation department located in Troy, Michigan. The fellow in the Loss Mitigation department was very polite, courteous, understanding, and intelligent. He reviewed the history of all the payments and when they were made and the amount, understood the problem, told me exactly what to do if the housing assistance program failed to pay. I wrote everything down and have begun and began the process. If it were not for him, my payments would have been late, would have been charged hundreds of dollars in late fees, and my credit would have been ruined.

When I read this

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