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Was anybody elses mortgage sold to citimortgage thus resulting in forclosure on there home?My spiral downward and loss of my home and good credit resulted after the sale of my mortgage to citi mortgage.My payments kept increasing.They wouldn't work with me at all.Charged me for not only a personal home insurance,PMI,but also a seperate home owners insurance policy thru citi mortgage.If your mortgage was sold from flagstar to citi mortgage and find that your escroe falls short every year,You better research your mortgage statement and really take a good look at the monthly statement.The charges are not what the are explained as

Product or Service Mentioned: Flagstar Bank Mortgage.

Monetary Loss: $105.

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Already lost the house.Happened at the beginning of the mortgage crisis before anybody really figured out what was going on


If you are still in your home do not leave it sounds like they are going to take advantage of every "period" and crossed "t" in other words they are going to get every penny they can from you. What "flagSHAFT bank" did was sell your loan that is another way they make money on you, so what "Citimortgage does is find all the "FEE'S" they can so they can recover the cost of the money they spent to buy your loan it is that simple, you might have a class action suit call a lawyer and ask if this is a case of "Predatory lending". Fight them in court do not spend one more penny on your mortgage till your "Dispute" is fineshed the money is best in your pocket, do not let them trick you with a foreclosure and tell you to leave remember you are "Disputing" this in a court of law it can take 1 to 2 years to get you out, just read the stories below, but don't forget there are some really $tupid customers read past $tupid, listen to the honest customers that got $crewed, don't let same thing happen to you!

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