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To customers of FlagStar Bank that have been wronged! On Yahoo News today December 7, 2010 "One Woman's 25 Year Foreclosure Fight" Her Name is, Patsy Campbell she hasn't made a mortgage payment on her house since 1985! She staits, "There Not Going To Take It!

My name is Danno or Patriot to FlagStar Bank customers I have stated over and over again those that have been wronged by FlagStar Bank, Fight, Fight & Fight don't give up or don't give up the "Ship", don't be Bullied by Sherifs or Eviction Notices you must fight this in court but remember you must stay on top of this, no longer waist your time talking to "flagSHAFT bank" you can say something that may hurt you in a court of law, do all your Fighting in court "flagSHAFT bank" will not like this believe me, court costs them extra money that they have to pay there Lawyers, which means less money for them that they have to take out of the sale of the Foerclosure, do not be Zuckerd in Cash For Keys, they offer you this because they don't want to fight in court there looking for a cheap way out don't do it!

All I hear is customers saying what can I do that is how come I am giving info so you can fight check what I say, check Yahoo News today date- December 7, 2010

her name again is Patsy Campbell Topic, One Woman's 25-Year Foreclosure Fight information is power, also check all that have been wronged on this site don't skip nothig what you know can save your home! Good Luck "Patriot"

Product or Service Mentioned: Flagstar Bank Mortgage.

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Stanley works for "FlagShaft Bank" he sits right next to me, he always is miss-leading customers saying to be 90-days late before we can help, what a joke customers are really easy they take his verbal *** then loose there home. I am leaving this Lie-Ing sack of a bank as soon as I get another job.


If you pay your mortgage, then Flagstar won't foreclose on your home. It's a little known trick to keep them at bay.

There is also a short sale option as well. Just because you are a homeowner doesn't mean you don't have a landlord, if you borrowed from a bank for a car or a house then you have a landlord or (in the case of a car) you're a renter.


You go girl!!! We have been taken advantage of for far too long and finally someone has made a stand. Now maybe more people will have the guts to do what you did....Thanks for teaching us how to stand up and fight!!!!!

Poestenkill, New York, United States #220258

You don't have to pay when you are "Disputing Your Case"! Yes follow Patsy Campbell's example!

Poestenkill, New York, United States #219919

Make sure you post (#1) Private Property!!!, (#2) "Post Attack Dog On Premises"!!! You don't want them changing the locks when you are not home. While Disputing this in a Court Of Law, remember the Law is on your side at this point, don't give up your keys, or your rights!

Poestenkill, New York, United States #219911

Time is on your side when you take this matter to court! FlagStar Bank tremble's with fear but they will not tell you this, the key is "Dispute" that is how Patsy Campbell is Fighting them "Dispute All Matters That You Have Had With Them, also include all correspondents that you had with them telephone calls not returned E-Mails not returned Registered Mail not answered, keeping you hangin on as if there going to help you but they do not, telling you to be 90-days late before they will help you but doing nothing but foreclosing on you without you knowing what they are doing.

Time in court cost's them money, this is how they loose now, #1 Make No Mortgage Payments while You Are "Disputing Your Case" #2 If you are savy enough do all the research yourself save lawyers fee's, hopefully you have a lawyer friend to just check on how to start this Dispute and take it from there. #3 Make sure you get a very "Tough Dog, Pit Bull, German Shepard or what ever but make sure you do it so "flagSHAFT employees don't change the locks on you when you are not home, do what Patsy Campbell does fight, it can take them years, plus you can always win this, let them suffer like they made you suffer.

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