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Please up date your complaint Blog, I have been waiting 2 weeks for my complaint about FlagStar Bank or the new name should be Flagstar ShaftBank, and hold on to your ankle's & wallet because here the come to Suck Blood from your Rock! I have had two mortgage's, before and I am season, so there is know excuse's for what there practice's are, they like to hold you down if possible, and gang bang you with Fee's, Fee's & Fee's, They will never agree with you on any complaint, even if your credit score averages 800 to 850 there bottom line is to charge you a fee for anything!

that is to look at your own paying history over 2 years they want to charge you a fee, they would charge you a fee to *** if they could!

But there are many more reasons, way to long to put down, on *** that they do. New customers Please stay Far, Far, Far Away From This Flagstar Bank, other name should be Flag StarShaft Bank!

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Try the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. They deal with fraudulent and bad faith business practices. Worked for us, in just 10 days.


Your going to see a lot more local branches, of "flagSHAFT bank" closing it seem's to me your the only one, that was treated right? I really don't get it this site is to complain not to "Boast" what are you doing on this site? You must be the enemy, why else would you have something good to say remember "flagSHAFT bank" has an 800-number call them and blowThereHorn, or you can I guess blowWhoEverHorn you want, but I know this you are full of Crappppppppppppppp!!!


Personally speacking, I must say this, your Boasting of such a wonderful bank is refreshing, I just checked your "stock price," it went up from .50 cents to 51 cents per share, guess what I think you are full of " ***, ***, ***, in other words you are full of *** with a Capital "C" all customers reading your blog know you are full of *** You are an employee, you are fulling no one. Nice try!


Personally speaking, I have had no difficulties with Flagstar Bank in the eight years I have banked with them. The representatives I dealt with at the local branch (before it closed) were always very helpful.

The only unpleasant experience was being referred to a financial advisor by one supercilious representative.

They were both equally obnoxious. :)


Can you believe this, again "flagSHAFT Bank" LOAN OFFICERS writing again how good how wonderful "flagSHAFT Bank IS" WHAT A JOKE all bloggers reading all these blogs realize customers that complain about A VERY VERY VERY BAD BANK, Customers know what they are talking about, remember this Pissed Consumer blog Site is for the Consumers to complain about, when the public comes to a site like this, they want to see what other Consumers are dealing with. I have read all the blogs on this site because i am having a problem with "flagSHAFT BANK" the COMPLAINTS out-way what is good from what i see!

There is APROX FIVE THOUSAND OR MORE, COMPLAINTS VERY very few Customers have a good word to say about this BANK! There are some that have a good word to say but i question that!

I feel it is "flagSHAFT LOAN OFFICERS" lashing out on Good Customers, and that they are ANGRY that they are speacking up! I am a Customer of "flagSHAFT BANK" and there is nothing wrong with me paying by the first of every month & 825 creit score!


alright, i see that some of you are angry with a bank that creates an awesome atmosphere for customers. A place just to hang out and tlk about finances, i have never been to a bank that refunds so many fees in my entire life and trust me i have been a round for a while.

if what you say is true, this bank would have been investigated by the better business bureau and as far as i know they are not. If people like your selfs would pay closer attention to what is in your account you would not have such a problem. And stop getting mortgages that you can not afford. Why are you bad mouthing a bank, that has helped so many people.

It is not flagstars fault that homes are foreclosing, that people are going bankrupt., Take a quick look around, we are not doing all that great as a nation, but we make do, so instead of bad mouthing a bank that does nothing but help, get a job. make your lives better.


To: Daniel I have had same problem, they wait to you sit at the table and that is when they hit you with hidden fee's, there reply is everyone does it, so it is O.K., but I have a problem with an answer like that, if the King were's no clothes and all his puppets say's he is wering clothes, I guess you have to say yes if you work for Flagshaft Bank or you will loose your job at Flagshaft Bank what a way to have to work under presure like that deceive customer's so you can get your 1 or 2 dollar perk's! Good luck Flagshaft Bank, do what ever you can to drive your customer's mortgage's up, up, up a fee here and fee there you will succeed liftng mortgage's up $200.00 $300.00 $400.00 dollars more!

Shame on you!

I hope no one doe's this to one of your love one's, and keep on saying you are protecting your investor's they only get a fraction of the interest Flagshaft Bank gets all the cream! One last thing I have to say not all banks do practice's you do, Break the Rat pack's, if you work there be honest and God will see your harvest, if you deceive people God will show you the same act's unto you!


The Major problem i have with FlagShaft Bank is they do not post there payments on time, i would mail my payment 2 weeks early and they would almost always post it days late? I called and they told me to auto-mate payment i did, they still post it late?

Can not understand, what is the problem with posting payment on time?

I really wish they would correct this inside problem! My mistake, i ment FlagStar Bank not FlagShaft Bank.

JadeCathy :?

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